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Strange Cargo (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Men Without Hope Deep thoughts, presumably from the novel by Richard Sale, as prologue, prisoner Verne (Clark Gable) introduced, warden Grideau (Frederic Worlock) having his fun, opening Frank Borzage's existential adventure Strange Cargo, 1940, also starring Joan Crawford.
Strange Cargo (1940) -- (Movie Clip) You Didn't See That Saloon girl Julie (Joan Crawford), kicked off the prison island, again rejects "Pig" (Peter Lorre) but not Marfeu (Bernard Nedell), as Moll (Albert Dekker) clobbers Verne (Clark Gable) and threatens Cambreau (Ian Hunter), staging the big escape, in Frank Borzage's Strange Cargo, 1940.
Strange Cargo (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Go Away Pig Joining the first scene for Joan Crawford (as entertainer "Julie"), she rejects hustler Peter Lorre (his character really is named "Pig"), then has trouble with laborer-convict Verne (Clark Gable), working the wharf at a French penal colony in Guiana, in Frank Borzage's Strange Cargo, 1940.
Strange Cargo (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Kinship With The Dead Inmate Telez (Eduardo Ciannelli) with his bible, visited by the beatific Cambreau (Ian Hunter), who has inexplicably appeared among the convicts in the French colonial prison, literate Hessler (Paul Lukas), then re-captured Verne (Clark Gable) getting involved, in Frank Borzage's Strange Cargo, 1940.
Spoilers, The (1942) -- (Movie Clip) You Disappointed Corpse, You! Nome, Alaska, 1900, with escort Bronco (Richard Barthelmess), saloon owner Cherry (Marlene Dietrich) meets boyfriend Roy (John Wayne) at the boat, not expecting pretty Helen (Margaret Lindsay) with her uncle the judge (Harry Carey), as clowny miners Flapjack and Banty (Russell Simpson, George Cleveland) get into trouble, in The Spoilers, 1942, from a Rex Beach novel.
Spoilers, The (1942) -- (Movie Clip) The Only Luck In Poker Evening in the saloon run by shimmering Cherry (Marlene Dietrich) in Nome, Alaska, who chats testily with her mine owner boyfriend Roy (John Wayne), who's just back in town, joined by the new gold commissioner McNamara (Randolph Scott), and trouble, in The Spoilers, 1942.
Spoilers, The (1942) -- (Movie Clip) You Could Show Me Around Cherry (Marlene Dietrich), an enterprising saloon owner in Nome, Alaska, 1900, drops in on the town clerk (Chester Clute) to check some mine claims and is surprised to meet the eager new gold commissioner McNamara (Randolph Scott), early in The Spoilers, 1942, also starring John Wayne.
Mannequin (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Pile Of Money Shipping honcho Hennessey (Spencer Tracy) arrives late for a party at his uptown Manhattan apartment, pleased to see part-time showgirl Jessie (Joan Crawford) attending, but not making the progress he had in mind, in Frank Borzage's Mannequin, 1937.
Mannequin (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Tell 'Em I Said Fishcakes! Manhattan shipping potentate Hennessey (Spencer Tracy) with pal Briggs (Ralph Morgan) recalling the charming bride, less so the husband, they met the night before, then with Jessie (Joan Crawford) and Eddie (Alan Curtis) in their apartment, in Mannequin, 1937.
Mannequin (1937) -- (Movie Clip) You Ain't The Bride Shipping big-shot Hennessey (Spencer Tracy) and pal Briggs (Ralph Morgan) on a witty visit to a Manhattan restaurant, meeting newlyweds from the old neighborhood, Jessie (Joan Crawford) and maybe just slightly shiftless Eddie (Alan Curtis), in Frank Borzage's Mannequin, 1937.
Man's Castle -- (Movie Clip) Bill on Stilts Itinerant Bill (Spencer Tracy) has a gig on stilts which gives him the ideal opportunity to deliver on a promise to his young pal Joie (Dickie Moore) in director Frank Borzage's Man's Castle, 1933.
Man's Castle -- (Movie Clip) Pigeons Bill (Spencer Tracy) meets Trina (Loretta Young) in the park and finds her interested in the popcorn he's feeding the pigeons in the opening scene from director Frank Borzage's Man's Castle, 1933.