Charles Hawtrey



Life Events


At age 11, made acting debut in "The Windmill Man"


Movie Clip

Carry On Screaming (1966) -- (Movie Clip) I Live In A Man's World Cops Bung and Slobotham (Harry H. Corbett, Peter Butterworth) and civilian Albert (Jim Dale), pursued by the villains (Fenella Fielding, Kenneth Williams) rush to interrogate series regular Charles Hawtrey as rest room attendant Dan Dann, who has clues, in the 12th Carry On feature, Carry On Screaming!, 1966.
Carry On Cabby (1963) -- (Movie Clip) Shipwrecked Mink Scamming cab company owner Charlie (Sid James) has a gift to appease his under-attended wife Peg (Hattie Jacques), then scampers to brief new drivers, Charles Hawtrey as Pintpot, Milo O’Shea as Len, in the seventh feature in the long-running series Carry On Cabby, 1963.
Carry On Cabby (1963) -- (Movie Clip) You Mean Buzz Off? Charles Hawtrey on the scooter (not the “Deaf Aids,” per John Lennon) in near-full biker gear, as Pintpot, seeking a job after causing Smily (Bill Owen) to crash, baffling the cab company manager Ted (Kenneth Connor), in the seventh feature in the popular low-budget British series, Carry On Cabby, 1963.
Carry On Spying (1964) -- (Movie Clip) Miss Honeybutt's A Woman! Lowbrow innuendo as ever the order of the day, as Simkins (Kenneth Williams) briefs espionage recruits Crump, Honeybutt and, not Bond but Bind (Bernard Cribbins, Barbara Windsor, Charles Hawtrey), staffing up in this 1964 installment in the long-lived British serial, Carry On Spying.
Carry On Spying (1964) -- (Movie Clip) English Steak And Kidney Pudding The wacky agents having crossed to the continent, fellow Brit Carstairs (Jim Dale) in Vienna meets Simkins (Kenneth Williams), Honeybutt (Barbara Windsor), Crump (Bernard Cribbins) and Bind (Charles Hawtrey), in the 9th "Carry On" film, Carry On Spying, 1964.
Carry On Sergeant -- (Movie Clip) My Mother Told Me Grimshawe (William Hartnell), with Copping (Bill Owen), introduces himself to recruits Strong (Kenneth Connor), Charlie (Bob Monkhouse), musician Andy (Gerald Campion), Golightly (Charles Hawtrey) and Bailey (Kenneth Williams), early in Carry On Sergeant,1959.
Carry On Sergeant -- (Movie Clip) Try To Concentrate! Copping (Bill Owen) drilling the squad, Golightly (Charles Hawtrey) spaced out, all getting kitted out except Strong (Kenneth Connor), denied treatment by Dr. Clark (Hattie Jacques), in Carry On Sergeant, 1959.
Carry On Sergeant -- (Movie Clip) Dream Of The Enemy's Blood! Grimshawe (William Hartnell) presents his squad to wacky Captain Potts (Eric Barker), Golightly (Charles Hawtrey), Galloway (Gerald Campion), Strong (Kenneth Connor), Sage (Bob Monkhouse) et al, interrogated, in Carry On Sergeant, 1959.
Carry On Nurse -- (Movie Clip) I Warned You! Reporter York (Terence Longdon) hospitalized for appendicitis, visited by "Sister" (Joan Hickson) then Mick (Harry Locke), nurse Georgie (Susan Stephen) with "the colonel" (Wilfrid Hyde-White) then nurse Dorothy (Shirley Eaton) introduces herself, in Carry On Nurse, 1960.
Carry On Nurse -- (Movie Clip) Private Enterprise On the ward with reporter York (Terence Longdon), boxer Bernie (Kenneth Connor), patients Bray (Brian Oulton) and Bert (Cyril Chamberlain), nurses (Susan Stephen, Shirley Eaton) plus Hinton (Charles Hawtrey) on piano, in Carry On Nurse, 1960.
Carry On Teacher -- (Movie Clip) Noxious Ninny Acting headmaster Wakefield (Ted Ray) warns teachers Short (Hattie Jacques), Bean (Charles Hawtrey), Milton (Kenneth Williams) and Adams (Kenneth Connor) of his plans and an upcoming inspection, early in Carry On Teacher, 1962.
Carry On Constable -- (Movie Clip) Shocking Bad Luck Wilkins (Sid James) with Moon (Hattie Jacques) and Thurston (Cyril Chamberlain) handling unrest at the station as new recruits Potter (Leslie Phillips), Benson (Kenneth Williams) and Charlie (Kenneth Connor) approach, early in Carry On Constable, 1961.




He is not related to the Edwardian actor Sir Charles Hawtrey (1858 - 1923)