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Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball -- (Movie Clip) You Dirty Stoolie! Dick (Morgan Conway) and sidekick Pat (Lyle Latell) tail nefarious antique dealer Percival Priceless (Douglas Walton) to the "Dripping Dagger" where Cueball (Dick Wessel) awaits, Dick interviewing Flora (Esther Howard) until action ensues, in Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball, 1946.
Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball -- (Movie Clip) Introducing Cueball Opening scene with a nifty effect coming out of the credits, villain Cueball (Dick Wessel) meets a ship in order to rob jewel buyer Abbott (Trevor Bardette), which doesn't work out, in Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball, 1946, Morgan Conway in the lead role.
Dick Tracy (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Must Be The Fuse First appearance for both Jane Greer (as "Judith") and Mike Mazurki (as "Splitface"), as Dick (Morgan Conway) and girlfriend Tess (Anne Jeffreys) visit first Jane's dad's restaurant, then his house where the villain lurks, in RKO's Dick Tracy, 1945.
Dick Tracy (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Only A Fiend Sidekick Pat (Lyle Latell) leads us to the first appearance of Morgan Conway (title character) as he grills a suspect (Tom Noonan), blows off his gal Tess (Anne Jeffreys), and meets the murder witness (Tanis Chandler), in Dick Tracy, 1945.
Dick Tracy (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Blood Drips From Two Dick (Morgan Conway) reaches the roof of the house into which his suspect fled, meeting star-gazing "professor" Starling (Trevor Bardette), whom he interrogates until fellow cops led by Pat (Lyle Latell) arrive, in Dick Trach, 1945.
Dick Tracy (1990) -- (Movie Clip) When Do We Eat? Detective Tracy (director and star Warren Beatty) is summoned to help girlfriend Tess (Glenne Headley) with "The Kid," (Charlie Korsmo), leading to a familial interlude, and trouble, in Dick Tracy, 1990.
Dick Tracy (1990) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Aces And Eights Remarkable for visual elements and the cast and crew, the opening from Warren Beatty's comic-book extravaganza Dick Tracy, 1990, with Glenne Headley, Madonna, Al Pacino, and Dustin Hoffman, original songs by Stephen Sondheim.
Dick Tracy (1990) -- (Movie Clip) You Like Walnuts Big Boy Caprice (Al Pacino) indulging his new-found passion for show-biz, when Tracy (director and star Warren Beatty) interrupts, then follows up with performer Breathless (Madonna) in Dick Tracy, 1990.