H. M. Harwood


Life Events


Movie Clip

Queen Christina (1933) - I Have No Time To Soothe You First appearance by Greta Garbo, now grown up, as the Swedish queen, a historical figure, consulting with her chancellor (Lewis Stone) and her (turns out to be...) amorous treasurer (Ian Keith), early in MGM's Queen Christina, also starring John Gilbert.
Queen Christina (1933) - I Give Her Up Gladly Chat about the chambermaid (Barbara Barondess), as Greta Garbo (title character) prepares to share lodgings at a Swedish inn with fellow traveler and gentleman, Spanish ambassador Don Antonio (John Gilbert), who doesn't know she's a girl, or royal, in Rouben Mamoulian's Queen Christina, 1933.
Queen Christina (1933) - Great Protestant Stronghold Many events as her highness (Greta Garbo) argues with her chancellor (Lewis Stone) about marriage, waves to her subjects, then splits with her favored servant (C. Aubrey Smith) ingocnito, by chance encountering the Spanish ambassador (John Gilbert), come to meet her, in Queen Christina, 1933.
Cynara (1932) - Kicking Over The Traces Naples established in the opening, Ronald Colman as Brit lawyer Jim doing the right thing, Kay Francis as his dishonored but sympathetic wife, Henry Stephenson his avuncular friend in flashback, in Samuel Goldwyn's Cynara, 1932.
Cynara (1932) - He's Not Amphibious Married London barrister Jim (Ronald Colman) with friend Tring (Henry Stephenson) who thinks he should loosen up, not directly planning to meet shop-girls Doris (Phyllis Barry) and Milly (Viva Tattersall), King Vidor directing, early in Samuel Goldwyn's Cynara, 1932.
Cynara (1932) - One Of Our Most Distinguished Barristers Mostly a riff perfect for Ronald Colman, as slightly famous lawyer Jim, steered by friend Thring (Henry Stephenson) into judging a thinly-veiled swimsuit competition, run by the civic-minded Boots (George Kirby), in Samuel Goldwyn's Cynara, 1932.