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Anderson Tapes, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Did I Scare You? Still unaware of the manifold surveillance operations arrayed against him, Duke (Sean Connery, title character) visits his ex-con pal “The Kid” (Christopher Walken, in his first studio feature film) in a Manhattan electronics shop, enlisting help in a high-end burglary, in director Sidney Lumet’s The Anderson Tapes, 1971.
Anderson Tapes, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) You've Had The Operation? Newly paroled thief "Duke" Anderson (Sean Connery) visits Tommy (Martin Balsam), an antique dealer sporting Nehru jacket and ascot, to discuss business in Sidney Lumet's The Anderson Tapes, 1971, from Lawrence Sanders' novel.
Anderson Tapes, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Open, I Feel Deeply Moved Profane opening from Sidney Lumet's The Anderson Tapes, 1971, based on the trend-setting first novel by Lawrence Sanders, finds thief "Duke" Anderson (Sean Connery) in group therapy, about to be released from prison, Anthony Holland as the obsequious shrink.
Anderson Tapes, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Diving For Sponges Just released from prison, thief "Duke" Anderson (Sean Connery) has a proposal for semi-reformed mobster Angelo (Alan King), neither knowing they're under surveillance, in this case by feds, Ralph Stanley (a.k.a. Raoul Kraushaar) the consigliere, in Sidney Lumet's The Anderson Tapes, 1971.
Anderson Tapes, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Credits, No Hot Water Quincy Jones music and Sean Connery (as "Duke" Anderson) being released from prison, in the only credit sequence ever to feature the words "and introducing Christopher Walken," from Sidney Lumet's The Anderson Tapes, 1971, from the Lawrence Sanders novel.
Anderson Tapes, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) I Want To Eat It! Christopher Walken (as "The Kid") in almost his first movie role, ushering fellow ex-cons Duke (Sean Connery) and "Pop" (Stan Gottleib) back into society via the Port Authority Bus Terminal in The Anderson Tapes, 1971, from Lawrence Sanders' novel.
Chosen, The (1981) -- (Movie Clip) Make A Good Impression Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 1944, Orthodox Jewish Reuven (Barry Miller) is at home recovering from the baseball eye injury dealt him by Hasidic Danny (Robby Benson), who hopes to make amends, early in The Chosen, 1981, directed by Jeremy Paul Kagan from the Chaim Potok novel.
Chosen, The (1981) -- (Movie Clip) Physically Fit 1940's radio news under the credits, all but beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, Ron Rifkin the baseball coach, Barry Miller narrating as "Reuven Malter," introducing Robby Benson as "Danny Saunders," in director Jeremy Paul Kagan's treatment of the popular Chaim Potok novel, The Chosen, 1981.
Badge 373 -- (Movie Clip) Independencia! Fine Manhattan shots as suspended cop Eddie (Robert Duvall) trails a suspect to a Puerto Rican independence rally at Central Park, where Ruben (Felipe Luciano) is speaking, in Badge 373, 1973.
Badge 373 -- (Movie Clip) Rita Suspended cop Eddie (Robert Duvall) tries to question stoned Latina Rita (Marina Durell) in what will be her final scene in Badge 373, 1973, from a script by Pete Hamill.
Badge 373 -- (Movie Clip) Caputo Funeral Handsome reporter Pete (Screenwriter Pete Hamill) buttonholes cop Eddie (Robert Duvall) before and after he visits widow Marie (Tina Cristiani) at his partner's funeral in Badge 373, 1973.