Donald Hall




Cast (Feature Film)

Government Girl (1944)
Meet John Doe (1941)
Stop--Look and Love (1939)
Floor walker
Clive of India (1935)
Oh, For a Man (1930)
The Spirit of Youth (1929)
Mr. Ewing
Carry on Sergeant! (1928)
Unguarded Women (1924)
James Craig
Her Love Story (1924)
Court physician
The Last Moment (1923)
Mr. Winthrop
A Woman's Woman (1922)
Rex Humberstone
The Greatest Love (1920)
Richard Sewall
In the Shadow of the Dome (1920)
The Congressman
The Great Shadow (1920)
Donald Alexander
A Woman's Business (1920)
Fruits of Passion (1919)
Water Lily (1919)
Willard Carlisle
The Wreck (1919)
Wilbur Hamilton
Love and the Woman (1919)
George Stevens
The Chosen Path (1919)
Donald Turner
The Broken Melody (1919)
Howard Thornby
The Carter Case (1919)
The Face in the Dark (1918)
The Great Adventure (1918)
Mr. Sheen
The Moth (1917)
The Awakening of Ruth (1917)
Dr. William Strong
The Raggedy Queen (1917)
Hugh Tillson
The on-the-Square-Girl (1917)
Richard Steel
Alias Mrs. Jessop (1917)
Raymond Fleury
The Law Decides (1916)
John Wharton
Hesper of the Mountains (1916)
Mrs. Dane's Danger (1916)
Rex Gordon
The Sex Lure (1916)
Clinton Reynolds
Salvation Joan (1916)
Robert Ellison
Mortmain (1915)
Gordon Russell
Playing Dead (1915)
Proctor Maddox
Hearts and the Highway (1915)
King James II
Mr. Barnes of New York (1914)
English principal in duel
A Million Bid (1914)
French artist
The Christian (1914)
Francis Horatio Drake
Uncle Bill (1914)
Uncle Bill

Cast (Special)

Babe Ruth (1998)
Bill Moyers' Journal: A Life Together (1993)

Cast (Short)

The Win(k)some Widow (1914)
Jack, an admirer

Life Events