Paul Guilfoyle

Paul Guilfoyle


Birth Place
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
July 14, 1902
June 27, 1961


Paul Guilfoyle was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Early on in his acting career, Guilfoyle landed roles in various films, including "The Crime of Dr. Crespi" (1935), the drama "Special Agent" (1935) with Bette Davis and the Burgess Meredith dramatic adaptation "Winterset" (1936). He also appeared in the adventure "Flight From Glory" (1937) with Chester Morris, "The S...


Paul Guilfoyle was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Early on in his acting career, Guilfoyle landed roles in various films, including "The Crime of Dr. Crespi" (1935), the drama "Special Agent" (1935) with Bette Davis and the Burgess Meredith dramatic adaptation "Winterset" (1936). He also appeared in the adventure "Flight From Glory" (1937) with Chester Morris, "The Soldier and the Lady" (1937) and the Paul Muni action picture "The Woman I Love" (1937). He kept working in film throughout the forties, starring in the Charles Bickford drama "Thou Shalt Not Kill" (1940), the mystery "The Saint Takes Over" (1940) with George Sanders and "The Grapes of Wrath" (1940) with Henry Fonda. He also appeared in the mystery "The Saint in Palm Springs" (1941) with George Sanders. Nearing the end of his career, he continued to act in "The Judge" (1949) with Milburn Stone, "Follow Me Quietly" (1949) and the crime picture "White Heat" (1949) with James Cagney. He also appeared in the George Montgomery western adventure "Davy Crockett, Indian Scout" (1950) and "I Married a Communist" (1950). Guilfoyle more recently acted in the adventure "The Boy and the Pirates" (1960) with Charles Herbert. Guilfoyle passed away in June 1961 at the age of 59.



Director (Feature Film)

Tess of the Storm Country (1960)
A Life at Stake (1955)
Captain Scarface (1953)

Cast (Feature Film)

The Boy and the Pirates (1960)
Not As a Stranger (1955)
Mr. Burt
Chief Crazy Horse (1955)
Trial (1955)
Cap Grant
Apache (1954)
Miss Body Beautiful (1953)
The Diamond Queen (1953)
Torch Song (1953)
Monty Rolfe
Julius Caesar (1953)
Confidence Girl (1952)
Actor's Blood and Woman of Sin (1952)
Mr. [Freddy] Blue
Journey into Light (1951)
When I Grow Up (1951)
Davy Crockett, Indian Scout (1950)
The Hidden City (1950)
The Woman on Pier 13 (1950)
There's a Girl in My Heart (1950)
Father Callaghan
Miss Mink of 1949 (1949)
Uncle Newton
The Judge (1949)
William Jackson
Follow Me Quietly (1949)
Mighty Joe Young (1949)
White Heat (1949)
Roy Parker
A Woman's Secret (1949)
Trouble Preferred (1948)
Baby Face Charlie
Sinbad the Sailor (1947)
Camel drover
The Millerson Case (1947)
Jud Rookstool
Messenger of Peace (1947)
Peter Kerl
Second Chance (1947)
Roses Are Red (1947)
Sweetheart of Sigma Chi (1946)
The Virginian (1946)
Why Girls Leave Home (1945)
Steve Raymond
The Missing Corpse (1945)
Andy McDonald
The Mark of the Whistler (1944)
Limpy Smith also known as Lee Nugent
Three Russian Girls (1944)
It Happened Tomorrow (1944)
The Seventh Cross (1944)
The Master Race (1944)
[Josef] Katry
Time to Kill (1943)
The North Star (1943)
White Savage (1943)
Petticoat Larceny (1943)
Joe Foster
The Man Who Returned to Life (1942)
Clyde Beebe
Who Is Hope Schuyler? (1942)
Carl Spence
The Saint in Palm Springs (1941)
Clarence "Pearly" Gates
The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
The Saint Takes Over (1940)
Pearly Gates
One Crowded Night (1940)
Jim [Andrews]
Wildcat Bus (1940)
Remember the Night (1940)
District Attorney
Millionaires in Prison (1940)
East of the River (1940)
Brother Orchid (1940)
Red Martin
Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940)
Boy Slaves (1939)
Truck driver
News Is Made at Night (1939)
Bat Randall
Society Lawyer (1939)
[Tim] Murtock
Thou Shalt Not Kill (1939)
Gordon Mavis
One Hour to Live (1939)
[Stanley] Jones
Sabotage (1939)
Steve Barsht
Heritage of the Desert (1939)
Snap Thornton
Our Leading Citizen (1939)
Jerry Peters
Pacific Liner (1939)
Unexpected Father (1939)
[Ed] Stone
The Mad Miss Manton (1938)
Bat Regan
Carefree (1938)
Elevator operator
Mr. Doodle Kicks Off (1938)
I'm from the City (1938)
Willie, also known as Chief Dog in the Manger
Crashing Hollywood (1938)
Herman Tibbitts
Tarnished Angel (1938)
Eddie Fox
Sky Giant (1938)
"Fergie" Ferguson
Double Danger (1938)
Blind Alibi (1938)
The Saint in New York (1938)
Hymie Fanro
Law of the Underworld (1938)
Fugitives for a Night (1938)
This Marriage Business (1938)
Frankie Spencer
The Law West of Tombstone (1938)
Bud McQuinn
Bringing Up Baby (1938)
Behind the Headlines (1937)
Art Martin
You Can't Buy Luck (1937)
Frank Brent
Quick Money (1937)
Ambrose Ames
Flight from Glory (1937)
The Woman I Love (1937)
Fight for Your Lady (1937)
Jim Trask
Danger Patrol (1937)
Hideaway (1937)
Super-Sleuth (1937)
The Soldier and the Lady (1937)
You Can't Beat Love (1937)
Louie The Weasel
Sea Devils (1937)
Winterset (1936)
Garth [Esdras]
End of the Trail (1936)
Captain Blake
Two-Fisted Gentleman (1936)
Roaming Lady (1936)
Dr. Wong
Wanted! Jane Turner (1936)
Phil Crowley
Escape from Devil's Island (1935)
Too Tough to Kill (1935)
The Crime of Dr. Crespi (1935)
Dr. Arnold
Special Agent (1935)
Secretary to the district attorney
The Case of the Missing Man (1935)

Film Production - Main (Feature Film)

Japanese War Bride (1952)
Assistant to prods
Journey into Light (1951)
Assistant to prod
The Vicious Years (1950)
Assistant to prod

Cast (Short)

Dark Shadows (1944)
Madero of Mexico (1942)
The Incredible Stranger (1942)
The Story of Alfred Nobel (1939)
Money to Loan (1939)
The Skull Murder Mystery (1932)

Life Events


Movie Clip

Special Agent (1935) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Just A Big Strong Girl Paul Guilfoyle is a mole from the DA’s office, granted admittance by increasingly uncomfortable bookkeeper and girl-Friday Julie (Bette Davis) to see her boss, gangster Carston (Ricardo Cortez), her friend Bill (George Brent, posing as a reporter, though we know he’s really a cop) close behind, in Special Agent, 1935.
Woman's Secret, A (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Genius, Would You Say? Having confessed to a shooting, Marian (Maureen O'Hara) tells cop Fowler (Jay. C Flippen) she only wants to call her friend Luke (Melvyn Douglas), introduced appearing on a radio quiz show, in Nicholas Ray's A Woman's Secret, 1949.
Trial (1955) -- (Movie Clip) He Talks White Supremacy Director Mark Robson shooting at an LA-area cemetery, Glenn Ford, Arthur Kennedy and Dorothy McGuire the legal team for their innocent client, at the funeral for the presumed murder victim, James Todd the minister, James Hoyt and Paul Guilfoyle the local racists demanding justice against the Latino perp, in writer Don Mankiewicz’s Trial, 1955.
Brother Orchid (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Who's Your Boss? Returned from five years abroad, gangster Little John (Edward G. Robinson) is greeted warmly at first by Jack (Humphrey Bogart) and henchmen (Morgan Conway, Richard Lane, Paul Guilfoyle, John Ridgely), in Brother Orchid, 1940.
Crashing Hollywood (1938) -- (Movie Clip) My Husband Is A Criminologist Herman (Paul Guilfoyle) and wife Goldie (Lee Patrick) think they’re hijacking Winston (Lee Tracy) for a suitcase full of bonds on the train, but they find out it was just his inflated sense of the value of his manuscripts, and neighbor Barbara (Joan Woodbury) needn’t have worried, in Crashing Hollywood, 1938.
Crashing Hollywood (1938) -- (Movie Clip) Who's Your Leading Man? Goldie (Lee Patrick), has just picked up Herman (Paul Guilfoyle) from prison, and at the station they meet star Lee Tracy, seeking but not getting insurance for his briefcase, then he meets Barbara (Joan Woodbury), headed for the big time, in RKO’s Crashing Hollywood, 1938.
Wildcat Bus (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Such A Lovely Beginning Ted (Fay Wray), who’s under-cover as a rider with an un-licensed car service that’s trying to put her family bus-line out of business, has discovered that broke ex-playboy Jerry (Charles Lang) is one of their drivers, making trouble then attracting the cops, in the RKO programmer Wildcat Bus, 1940.
Wildcat Bus (1940) -- (Movie Clip) The Magic Wand Has Waved Fay Wray is “Ted,” whose dad (Oscar O’Shea) is grappling with unexplained troubles for their bus line, and after reassuring him, she deals with broke playboy Jerry (Charles Lang) and his ex-chauffeur Donovan (Paul Guilfoyle), looking for work, not realizing she’s the boss, in Wildcat Bus, 1940.
Saint In New York, The -- (Movie Clip) Cherish This Moment Simon Templar (Louis Hayward, the title character) enters the gambling den and intimidates Papinoff (Ben Welden) and henchmen (Jack Carson, Paul Guilfoyle) in the first in the series, The Saint In New York, 1938.
Apache (1954) -- (Movie Clip) A Warrior's Peace Santos (Paul Guilfoyle) and Nalinle (Jean Peters) discover Massai (Burt Lancaster), escaped from his white captors and hiding in their tent, promoting a new idea, in Robert Aldrich's Apache, 1954.
Pacific Liner -- (Movie Clip) Sea Lawyers In his first scene, chief engineer Crusher McKay (Victor McLaglen) dresses down his engine-room crew, especially new man Wishart (Paul Guilfoyle) and veteran Bilson (Alan Hale) in Pacific Liner, 1939.
Pacific Liner -- (Movie Clip) Open, Shanghai Opening credits and the introduction of the captain (Halliwell Hobbes) and not-too-motivated Doctor Craig (Chester Morris), in R-K-O's Pacific Liner, 1939, directed by Lew Landers.