Jean Bachelet

Director Of Photography


Former newsreel photographer who moved on to features with Jean Renoir's first film "La fille de l'eau" (1924). Subsequently shot many of the director's classics.

Life Events


Hired as newsreel photographer in Russia for Gaumont


First film as director of photography


Movie Clip

Rules Of The Game (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Mingling Of Two Whims The radio report of her flier-boyfriend's proclamation of love still playing in the background, Christine (Nora Gregor) visits her unfazed husband the Marquis (Marcel Dalio), who then rings his mistress (Mila Parely), gossip continuing, early in Jean Renoir's Rules Of The Game, 1939.
Rules Of The Game (1939) -- (Movie Clip) I Did All This For Her Opening scenes, radio reporter (Lise Eline) chasing Lindbergh-y hero Andre' (Roland Toutain) on his landing in Paris, greeted by friend Octave (Jean Renoir, the director), his beloved Christine (Nora Gregor) listening, with her maid (Paulette Dubost), from Rules Of The Game, 1939.
French Way, The (1945) -- (Movie Clip) What Are You Looking At? Fussy French matron Gabrielle Dorziat douses an enemy pedestrian then sees her new neighbor, the first scene for Josephine Baker as Mlle. Zazu across the street, who tangles with philosophical vagrant Lucien Baroux, in the wartime comedy The French Way, shot in 1940, released in 1945.
French Way, The (1945) -- (Movie Clip) My Heart Is A Bird Of The Isles Cabaret star Zazu (Josephine Baker) happily reviews the work by beggar Leon (Lucien Baroux), whom she’s hired to tape up her windows in wartime Paris, then receives her composer Gregor (Jean Tissier), who has a song ready for the reopening of her club, in The French Way, shot in 1940, released in 1945.
Rules Of The Game (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Do You Enjoy Hunting? Gamekeeper Schumacher (Gaston Modot) leads the gang beating bushes, animals definitely being harmed, as the shooting party (Marcel Dalio, Richard Francouer, Pierre Magnier, Mila Parely, Pierre Nay, Nora Gregor et al) indulges, a famous scene from Jean Renoir's Rules Of The Game, 1939.
Rules Of The Game (1939) -- (Movie Clip) A Dangerous Poet tbdOctave (Jean Renoir, the director), pal to aristocrats, persuades the Marquis (Marcel Dalio), who's worried about his own mistress, to invite his wife's lover (the aviator Andre`, not seen) to his estate, saucy servant Lisette (Paulette Dubost) also appearing, in Rules Of The Game, 1939.
Rules Of The Game (1939) -- (Movie Clip) We'll Masquerade Christine (Nora Gregor), lady of the manor, is gracious as her presumed lover Andre` (Roland Toutain) arrives with friend Octave (the director, Jean Renoir), for the weekend, her husband (Marcel Dalio) and company welcoming her exculpating speech, in Rules Of The Game, 1939.