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Seven Cities Of Gold (1955) - The Glory Of Spain Interesting introduction of three principals (and two historical figures), Anthony Quinn as Spanish Captain Portola and Richard Egan his fictional lieutenant, in a reckless rush to Mexico City, causing an accident and meeting Father Junipero Serra (Michael Rennie), in 20th Century-Fox’s Seven Cities Of Gold, 1955.
Seven Cities Of Gold (1955) - Burn It Into Your Heart Preparing to depart Mexico City for California, 1769, Father Junipero Serra (Michael Rennie) goes rogue with the Spanish colonial rank-and-file, cueing grumbling from Captain Portola and (fictional) Lt. Mendoza (Anthony Quinn, Richard Egan), with top career-Assistant Director Robert D. Webb directing, in Seven Cities Of Gold, 1955.
Seven Cities Of Gold (1955) - The Holy Family Michael Rennie as the famed Father Junipero Serra and Richard Egan as the imagined Lt. Mendoza have been separated from their expedition in a dust storm, in New Spain (a.k.a. Mexico), 1769, and find phantom solace, in Seven Cities Of Gold, 1955.
Seven Cities Of Gold (1955) - We Will Not Be Evil Another fabricated event in the factual mission of Father Junipero Serra to 1769 California, Jeffrey Hunter as Indian Matuwir mediates a meeting with his grandfather (Guillermo Calles), with a glimpse of Rita Moreno as maiden Ula, in Seven Cities Of Gold, 1955.
Seven Cities Of Gold (1955) - How Many Wives Have You? Hard to call it anything but frolicking, in the California Pacific (likely from the Guadalajara-area Jalisco, Mexico location shoot), 1769, Spanish Lt. Mendoza (Richard Egan) finally meets native Ula (Rita Moreno), with the best hairdo in the tribe, in Seven Cities Of Gold, 1955.
Pete Kelly's Bues (1955) - Hard Hearted Hannah Jack Webb, the producer, director and band-leader title character narrates about prohibition-era Kansas City rackets, then stumbles upon an improbably good local singer, Ella Fitzgerald in her cameo, with a tune she once recorded, by Milton Ager and Jack Yellen, in Pete Kelly's Blues, 1955.
Pete Kelly's Bues (1955) - Real Egg-Beater Producer, director and title character Jack Webb, with his band (Lee Marvin of note) in tow, shows up at the shindig thrown by Kansas City party girl Ivy (Janet Leigh, not a singer but a good sport) as she's coaxed to perform, tune by Jesse Greer and Benny Davis, in Pete Kelly's Blues, 1955.
PT 109 (1963) - Let's Take A Practice Run Lt.j.g. John F. Kennedy (Cliff Robertson) congratulates his crew on passing inspection then, with Ensign Thom (Ty Hardin) takes the boat out for its first test, in PT 109, 1963, from the book by Robert J. Donovan.
Pete Kelly's Bues (1955) - He Needs Me As tends to happen in producer, director and title character Jack Webb's jazz tale, the singer forced upon him turns out to be disproportionately gifted, this time because she's Peggy Lee, first tune by Arthur Hamilton, second with music by George Gershwin, in Pete Kelly's Blues, 1955.
FBI Story, The (1959) - People Are In Bondage Starting in contemporary time, veteran agent Chip Hardesty (James Stewart) lecturing trainees, segues to his early days in Tennessee, with boss Dakins (Parley Baer) and colleague Crandall (Murray Hamilton), early in The FBI Story, 1959.
FBI Story, The (1959) - Murder Section Knoxville, TN, 1924, small-time federal agent Chip Hardesty (James Stewart) and librarian Lucy (Vera Miles, her first scene) are playing it coy until they reach the stacks, where they discuss marriage and his career with the crime bureau, a flashback in The FBI Story, 1959.
FBI Story, The (1959) - Final Companions Before the credits, Mervyn LeRoy directs a chilling and largely accurate recounting of a terrible true crime, aided by narration of star James Stewart, Nick Adams the villain Graham, Luana Anders his mother, opening The FBI Story, 1959.