Eve Greene


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Born To Kill (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Good Shooter Sam Wilde (Lawrence Tierney) speaks not a word in his first meeting at the Reno casino with newly divorced Helen (Claire Trevor), visited by Laury and Danny (Isabel Jewell, Tony Barrett) early in Born To Kill, 1947.
Born To Kill (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Of Course I'm Right Sam (Lawrence Tierney) presents himself at the home of Georgia (Audrey Long), tracking her half-sister Helen (Claire Trevor) and meeting Helen's fiance` Fred (Phillip Terry), in Robert Wise's Born To Kill, 1947.
Born To Kill -- (Movie Clip) It's Painful Being Killed Possible spoiler here, but devilish Claire Trevor (as "Helen") on fire and Esther Howard ("Mrs. Kraft") at the end of her rope, in Robert Wise's Born To Kill, 1947.
Tugboat Annie (1933) -- (Movie Clip) The Boy's Own Mother Harbor town stalwart Marie Dressler (title character) joins ceremonies where her son (Robert Young, with fianceè Maureen O’Sullivan) is being celebrated as the local-boy turned ocean liner captain, the mayor (Robert MacWade) officiating, her tipsy husband (Wallace Beery) arriving late, in MGM’s Tugboat Annie, 1933.
Born To Kill (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Blood All Over The Place Both quite mad and given to dissertation, Sam (Lawrence Tierney) and Helen (Claire Trevor) discuss their marriages of convenience, interrupted by Marty (Elisha Cook Jr.) in Robert Wise's Born To Kill, 1947.
Prosperity -- (Movie Clip) Wedding Businesswomen Maggie Warren (Marie Dressler) and Lizzie Praskins (Polly Moran) feud over who'll officiate the wedding of their son and daughter in Prosperity, 1932.
Prosperity -- (Movie Clip) Maggie Banker Maggie Warren (Marie Dressler) does business with client Ezra Higgins (Frank Darien) then turns her job over to her son John (Norman Foster) in Prosperity, 1932.