Nadia Gray

Nadia Gray


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Maniac (1963) -- (Movie Clip) Open, The Camargue Fairly screeching opening, from Jimmy Sangster’s original screenplay, we meet handyman Janiello (Arnold Diamond) in extreme close-up, observing innocent Annette (Liliane Brousse) after school, on the genuine location near the French Mediterranean coast, Michael Carreras directing, in Hammer Films’ Maniac, 1963, with Kerwin Mathews and Nadia Gray.
Maniac (1963) -- (Movie Clip) He's Not Coming Back Soon? American Jeff (Kerwin Mathews), who’s supposed to be painting in southern France, visited by Eve (Nadia Gray), Mme. Beynat, from whom he’s renting a room, looking to win his attention away from her fetching daughter, and providing the link, which we could only have inferred so far, to the opening murder, in the Hammer Films thriller Maniac, 1963.
Maniac (1963) -- (Movie Clip) At A Formidable Speed Having fixed the juke box at the road-house where he’s lodging in remote southern France, American Jeff (Kerwin Mathews), abandoned by his wealthy girlfriend, hangs with cop Salon (Norman Bird) then dances with enchanted hostess Annette (Liliane Brousse), her mother (Nadia Gray), the proprietor, worried, in Hammer Films’ Maniac, 1963.
Une Parisienne (1957) -- (Movie Clip) She's An Only Child At a Paris diplomatic reception, impulsive teen newlywed Brigitte (Bardot) is convinced that her husband Michel (Henri Vidal) is either already or about-to-be unfaithful, so she sets her cap for the visiting dignitary Prince Charles (Boyer!), in Une Parisienne, 1957.
Wife For A Night -- (Movie Clip) Stop It Or I'll Scream! Sexy courtesan Geraldine (Nadia Gray) is posing as the wife of composer Enrico (Armando Francioli), scheming to seduce wealthy wealthy patron Count D'Origo (Gino Cervi), in Mario Camerini's Wife For A Night, 1952.


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