James B. Gordon


Life Events


Movie Clip

Rock Around The Clock (1956) - See You Later Alligator Disillusioned promoter Steve (Johnny Johnston) and ex big-band bass player Corny (Henry Slate) in fictional "Strawberry Springs" discover the genuine Bill Haley and His Comets, singing their hit tune by Robert C. Gurdy, in Rock Around The Clock, 1956.
Hold On! (1966) - Title Song Straightforward as it can be, the title song from Herman’s Hermits of Manchester, with Peter Noone fronting, backed up by legit-musician members Karl Green, Keith Hopwood, Barry Whitwam and Derek “Lek” Leckenby, the song by P.F. Sloan, opening MGM’s Hold On!, 1966.
Hold On! (1966) - That Was Herman! Clever-ish bit in which manager Dudley (Bernard Fox) helps the Herman’s Hermits, about to invade the U.S.A, escape the English girl-mob by dressing as cops, then front man Peter Noone (called “Herman” in the picture) does a little acting, early in MGM’s Hold On!, 1966.
Hold On! (1966) - Make Me Happy Lonesome while touring now in California, English Peter Noone (lead singer of Herman’s Hermits, called “Herman” in the movie) observes Shelley Fabares as a beach chanteuse, her song by Fred Karger, Sid Wayne and Ben Weisman, with Bernard Fox his manager, with some credit due for creativity, in MGM’s Hold On!, 1966.
Hold On! (1966) - I'm Leaning On The Lamp Post The most far-out staging in the picture, this time for another charting song (by Noel Gay, which reached #9 on Billboard in May of that year), Peter Noone leads Herman’s Hermits in space, Bernard Fox their manager, in Hold On!, 1966.
Twist Around The Clock (1961) - Don't Twist With Anyone Else Out of luck agent Mitch (John Cronin) and pal (Alvy Moore) have fled the big city only to discover a singer (Clay Cole) and hot dance team (Mary Mitchell, Jeff Parker) who might solve all their problems, early in producer Sam Katzman's rock'n'roll revue Twist Around The Clock, 1961.
Twist Around The Clock (1961) - Twistin' U.S.A. Manager Mitch (John Cronin) can't find a gig for his dance act (Mary Mitchell, Jeff Parker) when his sidekick (Alvy Moore) remembers that Chubby Checker is in town and might do them a solid, tune by Kai Mann, in Sam Katzman's Twist Around The Clock, 1961.
Miami Expose - Violence and Death Listen to the narration and look at Lee J. Cobb (as cop "Bart Scott) on location in Miami, rushing to the scene of his colleague's murder in the low-budget crime thriller Miami Expose`, 1956.
Miami Expose - Opening, Mayor Christmas The none-too-polished real mayor of Miami, Randy Christmas, leads into the newsy opening sequence of director Fred F. Sears' low-budget mob drama Miami Expose, 1956, starring Lee J. Cobb.
Miami Expose - Legalized Gambling Alan Napier (as slick entrepreneur Raymond Sheridan) offers Edward Arnold (as lobbyist "Oliver Tubbs") some exposition in the sunshine in an early scene from Miami Expose`, 1956.
Houston Story, The - Birthmark Aspiring petroleum thief Duncan (Gene Barry) delivers vengeance for a friend to singer Zoe (Barbara Hale) then tangles with her racketeer boyfriend (Paul Richards) in William Castle's underworld drama The Houston Story, 1956.