Henry A. Barrows




Cast (Feature Film)

Dangerous Waters (1936)
Broadway Bill (1934)
The Animal Kingdom (1932)
Party goer
Guilty Hands (1931)
Harvey Scott
The Kibitzer (1930)
Some Mother's Boy (1929)
The Salesman
Burning Bridges (1928)
Editor Wilson
Women Who Dare (1928)
Dr. Alden
The Wright Idea (1928)
Mr. Smoot
A Perfect Gentleman (1928)
John Wayne
The Sunset Derby (1927)
"Lucky" Davis
Three's a Crowd (1927)
White Pants Willie (1927)
Philip Charters
Horse Shoes (1927)
Henry Baker, Sr.
All Aboard (1927)
Thomas Brooks
The Lost Limited (1927)
Silas Brownley
The Return of the Riddle Rider (1927)
Atta Boy (1926)
Mr. Harrie
Mistaken Orders (1926)
General Barton
Oh, What a Nurse (1926)
Editor of the "Gazette"
The Little Irish Girl (1926)
Bankroll Charlie
Skinner's Dress Suit (1926)
Mr. Colby
The Lost Express (1926)
John Morgan
Footloose Widows (1926)
Hotel manager
Crack o' Dawn (1925)
Henry Thompson
Drusilla With a Million (1925)
Elias Arnold
The Man on the Box (1925)
Warburton, Sr.
Cobra (1925)
Store manager
His Majesty, Bunker Bean (1925)
Reginald Larabee
The Reckless Age (1924)
John Thacker
Between Friends (1924)
The Sea Hawk (1924)
The Marriage Cheat (1924)
Captain of yacht
Sporting Youth (1924)
William Rockford
Captain Blood (1924)
Lord Willoughby
Broadway Gold (1923)
Jerome Rogers
The Footlight Ranger (1923)
David Marsh
Jazzmania (1923)
August Daimler
The Shock (1923)
John Cooper, Sr.
Long Live the King (1923)
The bishop
The Wise Kid (1922)
Jefferson Southwick
Rent Free (1922)
Buell Arnister, Sr.
The Law and the Woman (1922)
Judge Thompson
Yellow Men and Gold (1922)
A Tailor Made Man (1922)
Hobart Sears
Putting It Over (1922)
James Merritt
The Woman's Side (1922)
Theodore Van Ness, Sr.
The Great Night (1922)
Robert Gilmore
Tiger True (1921)
Mr. Lodge
It Can Be Done (1921)
Webb Standish
The Purple Cipher (1920)
Frank Condon
The House of Toys (1920)
Love's Protegé (1920)
J. W. Coleman
A Master Stroke (1920)
Sam Millington
The Purple Cypher (1920)
Common Clay (1919)
The Right to Happiness (1919)
The Trembling Hour (1919)
George Belding
The Hellion (1919)
Joseph Harper
Gambling in Souls (1919)
The Amazing Impostor (1919)
Herbert Thornton
Come Again Smith (1919)
Ned Stevens
Venus in the East (1919)
Terrill Overbeck
The Lion Man (1919)
The Claws of the Hun (1918)
For Husbands Only (1918)
The Magic Eye (1918)
John Bowman
The Girl Who Wouldn't Quit (1918)
Roscoe Tracy
Quicksand (1918)
John Boland
The House of Silence (1918)
The Temple of Dusk (1918)
Pembroke Wilson
Hungry Eyes (1918)
Jack Nelda
Hobbs in a Hurry (1918)
J. Warren Hobbs, Sr.
The World Apart (1917)
Jack King
The Silent Lie (1917)
The Priest
The Heir of the Ages (1917)
Charity Castle (1917)
Simon Durand
The Sunset Trail (1917)
Vernon Treloar
The Bride's Silence (1917)
Nathan Standish
On Record (1917)
Martin Ingleton
The Captain of the Gray Horse Troop (1917)
Ex-Senator Brisbane
Lost in Transit (1917)
Mr. Kendall
The Stainless Barrier (1917)
Roger Enderleigh
A Man of Sorrow (1916)
The End of the Trail (1916)
Harvey Gordon
The Man from Bitter Roots (1916)
T. Victor Sprudell
Fighting Blood (1916)
Tom Gray
The Fires of Conscience (1916)
Robert Baxter
A Soldier's Oath (1915)
Count de Morave

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