Albert Basserman

Albert Basserman


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Foreign Correspondent (1940) -- (Movie Clip) May I Have Your Picture? Reporter "Haverstock" (Joel McCrea) is baffled when Dutch diplomat Van Meer (Albert Bassermann) doesn't know him, Charles Waggenheim as the assassin, and pursuit with friend Carol (Laraine Day) and fellow reporter ffolliott (George Sanders), in Alfred Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent, 1940.
Foreign Correspondent (1940) -- (Movie Clip) To See London In The Sunshine Trying out his new London attire, novice foreign reporter Jones (Joel McCrea), also test-driving his fancier pen-name (Haverstock), encounters veteran newsman Stebbins (Robert Benchley), director Alfred Hitchcock in his cameo, and obfuscatory Dutch diplomat Van Meer (Albert Basserman), in Foreign Correspondent, 1940.
Rhapsody In Blue (1945) -- (Movie Clip) The Blues Will Go On Bandleader Paul Whiteman and impresario George White play themselves after the failure of a Blues number by George Gershwin (Robert Alda), who commiserates with brother Ira (Herbert Rudley) and Professor Frank (Albert Basserman), as a new idea emerges, in the bio-pic Rhapsody In Blue, 1945.
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet -- (Movie Clip) Tubercule Bacillus Dr. Ehrlich (Edward G. Robinson) is hesitant, but encouraged by his friend Dr. von Behring (Otto Kruger) to attend a lecture by Dr. Koch (Albert Basserman in Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullett, 1940, directed by William Dieterle.
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet -- (Movie Clip) Your Place in Science Big science as Dr. Ehrlich (Edward G. Robinson) finally wins over the once-skeptical Dr. Koch (Albert Basserman) and his powerful pal Minister Althoff (Donald Crisp) in Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet, 1940.
Loves Of Pharaoh, The (1922) -- (Movie Clip) Benevolent, Just And Kind Regular business in the reign of King Amenes (Emil Jannings), peasant women staging a protest are duly ignored, high priest (Friedrich Kuhne) helps the monarch get on with his duties, early in Ernst Lubitsch's The Loves Of Pharaoh, 1922, featuring a new recording of Eduard Kunneke's original score.
Dispatch From Reuters, A -- (Movie Clip) Paris London Prices Reuter (Edward G. Robinson) and aide Geller (Albert Basserman) conspire to catch Belgian stock trader Bauer (Gene Lockhart) cheating, then learn from Dr. Magnus (Otto Kruger) of an unexpected favor, in A Dispatch From Reuters, 1940.
Dispatch From Reuters, A -- (Movie Clip) Saving Human Life Julius Reuter (Edward G. Robinson) is irritated with his Aachen partner Geller (Albert Basserman) for failing to proclaim their pigeon-post success, until Dr. Magnus (Otto Kruger) and daughter (Edna Best) explain, in A Dispatch From Reuters, 1940.