Jessie Adams


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Movie Clip

Pete's Dragon (1977) -- Happiest Home In These Hills The opening, in which one of the two title characters seems invisible, introducing Sean Marshall as Pete, and Shelley Winters, leading the Gogans (Charles Tyner, Gary Morgan and Jeff “Kenickie” Conaway!), his evil adoptive family, song by Al Kasha and Joel Hischhorn, in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon, 1977.
Pete's Dragon (1977) -- I Saw A Dragon! Mickey Rooney as local lush Lampie is the first able to see dragon Elliott (voice by Charlie Callas), friend of orphan Pete (Sean Marshall), and in a hurry to explain to his pals and daughter Nora (Helen Reddy), song by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn, in the Disney original musical Pete’s Dragon, 1977.
Hoop Dreams (1994) -- I Was Under The Impresison... Now attending suburban St. Joseph High School on basketball scholarships, William Gates gets some much-needed private support, while Arthur Agee his family run into problems, in Hoop Dreams, 1994.
Always For Pleasure (1978) -- That's How You Lay The Dead Away Documentary maker Les Blank, who never discouraged people from mugging for his camera, joins the later stages of a New Orleans jazz funeral, with comments from Allen Toussaint and singer Blu Lu Barker, in Always For Pleasure, 1978.
Murder! (1930) -- Rex v. Diana Baring Director Alfred Hitchcock's elliptical coverage of the trial of distraught actress Nora Baring (playing "Diana" Baring), hero Herbert Marshall first seen as a juror, Esme Chaplin the prosecutor, Amy Brandon-Thomas for the defense, still early in Murder!, 1930.
MacArthur (1977) -- Good News Can Wait Having evacuated the Philippines, Gregory Peck (title character) arrives in Melbourne, Australia, 1942, where aide Diller (Allan Miller) informs him a counter-attack is not in the cards, plus other news, in the bio-pic MacArthur, 1977.
Daughter Of Horror (1957) -- Club Pronto Continuing music without dialogue, "The Gamin" (Adrienne Barrett) meets "The Rich Man" and proceeds to aptly named "Club Pronto" where lust prevails, in Daughter Of Horror, 1957, a.k.a. Dementia.
Canterbury Tale, A (1944) -- Pilgrim's Road American Sergeant Bob (John Sweet) and newly arrived land-girl Alison (Sheila Sim) sharing their stories near the cathedral, early in Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's A Canterbury Tale, 1944.
Canterbury Tale, A (1944) -- Glue Man's Out Again! Oddly assaulted land-girl Alison (Sheila Sim) and yank sergeant Bob (John Sweet) report to constable Ned (George Merritt), who takes the matter to magistrate Colpeper (Eric Portman), early in A Canterbury Tale, 1944.
Daughter Of Horror (1957) -- Dining Just gnarly, as "The Rich Man" (Bruno Ve Sota) conducts the ulterior-motivated "Gamin" (Adrienne Barrett) to his apartment and indulges himself, in Daughter Of Horror, 1957, a.k.a Dementia.
Daughter Of Horror (1957) -- Mysterious Stabbing Awakened from an opening nightmare and now freed of narration, "The Gamin" (Adrienne Barrett) wanders into the dark streets and meets a headline, early in Daughter Of Horror, 1957, a.k.a. Dementia.
Daughter Of Horror (1957) -- What Horror Is Fair to say an economical opening, but narrator Ed McMahon (the very same!) seems determined to earn his money, in the 1957 horror Indie Daughter Of Horror, a.k.a Dementia.