Charles Gerard




Director (Feature Film)

Une Belle dans le canon (1958)

Cast (Feature Film)

Une pour toutes (2000)
Hasards ou coincidences (1998)
Le Voleur et la menteuse (1994)
There Were Days and Moons (1990)
Bandits (1987)
Club de rencontres (1987)
Kamikaze (1986)
A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later (1986)
Ni avec toi, ni sans toi (1985)
Partir Revenir (1984)
Viva la Vie! (1984)
Les Diplomes du dernier rang (1982)
Qu'est-ce qui fait courir David? (1982)
Petrole, Petrole (1981)
C'est dingue mais on y va (1979)
General Beausourd
Le Mors aux dents (1979)
Flic ou voyou (1979)
Les Charlots en delire (1979)
Charles Roger Chabot
Ne Pleure Pas (1978)
Entraineur Deltreuil
Les Bidasses au Pensionnat (1978)
Les Ringards (1978)
L' Animal (1977)
Le Jouet (1976)
L'Incorrigible (1975)
Un jour la fete (1975)
And Now My Love (1974)
Un Homme Libre (1973)
La Bonne Annee (1973)
L' Aventure c'est l'aventure (1972)
Smic, Smac, Smoc (1971)
Men Without Women (1930)
Commander Weymouth, R. N.
The Lone Wolf's Daughter (1929)
Count Polinac
The Port of Missing Girls (1928)
Play Safe (1927)
His son
The Wedding Song (1925)
Paul Glynn, a crook
Off the Highway (1925)
Hector Kindon
Circe the Enchantress (1924)
Ballard "Bal" Barrett
The Glimpses of the Moon (1923)
"Streffy" [Lord Altringham]
The Darling of the Rich (1923)
Torrence Welch
Sure Fire Flint (1922)
Dipley Poole
The Lights of New York (1922)
Jim Slade
French Heels (1922)
Keith Merwyn
Pawned (1922)
Dr. Crang
The Passionate Pilgrim (1921)
Conceit (1921)
Hurt Kilstrom
Out of the Chorus (1921)
Ned Ormsby
Sheltered Daughters (1921)
French Pete
The Gilded Lily (1921)
John Stewart
The World and His Wife (1920)
Don Alvarez
Why Women Sin (1920)
Baron de Ville, alias of E. W. Wadsworth
Blackbirds (1920)
Whispers (1920)
J. Dyke Summers
Venus in the East (1919)
Maddie Knox
The Teeth of the Tiger (1919)
Gordon Savage
Counterfeit (1919)
Vincent Cortez
The Pest (1919)
John Harland
The Isle of Conquest (1919)
Van Surdam
The New Moon (1919)
Theo Kameneff
Pettigrew's Girl (1919)
Hugh Varick
The Demon (1918)
Tom Reardon
The Legion of Death (1918)
Grand Duke Orloff
Little Miss Optimist (1917)
Samuel Winter
A Woman's Awakening (1917)
Lawrence Topham
The Prince Chap (1916)
Jack Rodney, Earl of Huntington
The Plow Girl (1916)
Lord Percy
Miss Petticoats (1916)
Count Renier

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