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Une Parisienne (1957) -- (Movie Clip) Inflationary Pressures Teenage Brigitte (Bardot), has installed herself as assistant to Michel (Henri Vidal), with whom she is madly in love, and who is the secretary to her father (Andre Luguet), an important French government minister, in the bedroom farce Une Parisienne, 1957, also starring Charles Boyer.
Une Parisienne (1957) -- (Movie Clip) She's An Only Child At a Paris diplomatic reception, impulsive teen newlywed Brigitte (Bardot) is convinced that her husband Michel (Henri Vidal) is either already or about-to-be unfaithful, so she sets her cap for the visiting dignitary Prince Charles (Boyer!), in Une Parisienne, 1957.
Confidentially Yours (1983) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Be So Nasty The opening of Francois Truffaut's final feature, Jean-Louis Tringtignant in a duck blind, and Fanny Ardant, Truffaut's companion at the time, as his secretary, headed to work in a generic French city, from Confidentially Yours, 1983.
Confidentially Yours (1983) -- (Movie Clip) I Know All About Jealousy Realtor Vercel (Jean-Louis Trintignant) has just told the cops he knows nothing of a shooting we saw him commit, when he takes a call, then we join Barbara (Fanny Ardant), the secretary he just fired, rehearsing Victor Hugo's "King Fun," in Francois Truffaut's Confidentially Yours, 1983.
Confidentially Yours (1983) -- (Movie Clip) She's Already Dead Vercel (Jean-Louis Trintignant), already suspected of one killing, grabs Barbara (Fanny Ardant), the secretary he just fired, at her rehearsal, panicked because of what he found in a scene director Francois Truffaut now re-plays, this time adding another murder, in Confidentially Yours, 1983.