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Death By Invitation (1971) - Men Were Domesticated Anemic Lise (Shelby Leverington), apparently a loosely connected family friend, and also evidently a re-incarnated witch, has lured teenage Roger (Denver John Collins) to her lair after the Thanksgiving dinner, in Death By Invitation, 1971.
Death By Invitation (1971) - Murders Every Three Hours Spooky Lise (Shelby Leverington), asserting herself as the savvy new family friend, confronts an uncooperative cop investigating the disappearance of teen Roger, whom she personally killed, then consoles his distraught mother (Lesley Knight), with flashbacks, in Death By Invitation, 1971.
White LIne Fever (1975) - My New Bucket Joining the credit sequence, director Jonathan Kaplan getting a big bite of Tucson scenery, Vietnam vet Carrol Jo (Jan-Michael Vincent) and wife Jerri (Kay Lenz) buy a rig with their bank loan and discuss their future, Homer Hanna the salesman, in White Line Fever, 1975, co-starring Slim Pickens and LQ. Jones.
White LIne Fever (1975) - Improper Inflation Pulled over by deputy Bob (Ron Nix), Vietnam-vet Carrol Jo (Jan-Michael Vincent), looking for his first load for his new truck, finds out he shouldn’t have crossed the crew at his late father’s partner’s firm, goons Matchstick (Neil Summers) and Clem (Martin Kove) enforcing, in White Line Fever, 1975.
White LIne Fever (1975) - We Pay On Delivery Turned away at all the other Tucson trucking outfits, independent Carrol Jo (Jan Michael Vincent) decides to go back with a shotgun to the guy who blackballed him, his father’s old partner Duane (Slim Pickens) who, we learn, is now under the thumb of Buck (L.Q. Jones), in White Line Fever, 1975.