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Jubal (1956) -- (Movie Clip) We're Ending This Before It Starts Joining dinner with big-hearted rancher Shep (Ernest Borgnine) who’s taken a liking to his new hand (Glenn Ford, title character) and offers him a job, with no idea about the misdeeds of his youthful Canadian wife Mae (English ingenue Valerie French, in her first Hollywood role), in director Delmer Daves’ dark Western, Jubal, 1956.
Jubal (1956) -- (Movie Clip) You Might Get Burned Glenn Ford (title character) is winning over folks at the Wyoming cattle ranch, where he was brought by the owner who found him wandering in the mountains, especially the rancher’s young wife Mae (Valerie French), whose intentions are barely disguised, in director Delmer Daves’ Jubal, 1956.
27th Day, The -- (Movie Clip) Lend You A Weapon "The Alien" (Arnold Moss) gets to the business end of his pitch to his chosen humans (Gene Barry, Valerie French, George Voscovec, Azemat Janti, Marie Tsien) in a premise-setting scene from The 27th Day, 1957.
27th Day, The -- (Movie Clip) Opening Credits Opening title credits for the high-brow 1957 Science Fiction feature The 27th Day, directed by William Asher, from John Mantley's novel, starring Gene Barry, Valerie French and Arnold Moss.
27th Day, The --(Movie Clip) Come With Me Please Five earthlings (Valerie French, Gene Barry, Marie Tsien, George Voskovec, Azemat Janti), diverse by the standards of the day, are collected by "The Alien" (Arnold Moss) in the opening scene from The 27th Day, 1957.