Allan Forrest




Cast (Feature Film)

The Phantom Express (1932)
Dangerous Nan McGrew (1930)
Godfrey Crofton
The Winged Horseman (1929)
Curly Davis
Riding for Fame (1928)
Donald Morgan
The Desert Bride (1928)
Capt. Maurice de Florimont
Black Feather (1928)
Sally of the Scandals (1928)
Steve Sinclair
The Wild West Show (1928)
The Lovelorn (1927)
Ernest Brooks
Ankles Preferred (1927)
Partners Again (1926)
The Carnival Girl (1926)
Lieut. Allan Dale
Summer Bachelors (1926)
Tony Landor
Fifth Avenue (1926)
Neil Heffner
Two Can Play (1926)
James Radley
The Phantom Bullet (1926)
Don Barton
The Prince of Pilsen (1926)
Frederick, Prince of Pilsen
The Great Divide (1925)
Dr. Winthrop Newbury
Rose of the World (1925)
Jack Talbot
Old Clothes (1925)
Nathan Burke
The Dressmaker From Paris (1925)
Billy Brent
Pampered Youth (1925)
Eugene Moran
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall (1924)
Sir John Manners
Captain Blood (1924)
Lord Julian Wade
Don't Doubt Your Husband (1924)
Richard Blake
The Siren of Seville (1924)
In Love With Love (1924)
Jack Gardner
A Noise in Newboro (1923)
Buddy Wayne
Wandering Daughters (1923)
Austin Trull
Long Live the King (1923)
The Man Between (1923)
Jules Lamont/Pierre Lebec
Crinoline and Romance (1923)
Augustus Biddle
Her Fatal Millions (1923)
Lew Carmody
Very Truly Yours (1922)
Bert Woodmansee
Seeing's Believing (1922)
Bruce Terring
The New Teacher (1922)
Bruce Van Griff
Lights of the Desert (1922)
Clay Truxall
The Heart Specialist (1922)
Bob Stratton
Tillie (1922)
Jack Fairchild
They Shall Pay (1921)
Allan Forbes
The Hole in the Wall (1921)
Gordon Grant
Cheated Love (1921)
David Dahlman
The Invisible Fear (1921)
Bentley Arnold
What Women Will Do (1921)
Arthur Brent
The Man From Lost River (1921)
Li Ting Lang (1920)
Rob Murray
The Forgotten Woman (1920)
Keith Demming
The Purple Cipher (1920)
Alan Fitzhugh
The Purple Cypher (1920)
The Amazing Impostor (1919)
Kent Standish
The Great Air Robbery (1919)
Wallie Mason
Yvonne from Paris (1919)
Lawrence Bartlett
A Bachelor's Wife (1919)
John Stuyvesant
Over the Garden Wall (1919)
Peter Morton
The Intrusion of Isabel (1919)
Jack Craig
Rosemary Climbs the Heights (1918)
Ricardo Fitzmaurice
A Bit of Jade (1918)
Grayson Blair
Powers That Prey (1918)
Frank Summers
The Ghost of Rosy Taylor (1918)
Jacques Le Clerc
Beauty and the Rogue (1918)
Richard Van Stone
Social Briars (1918)
Jack Andrews
The Eyes of Julia Deep (1918)
Terry Hartridge
Melissa of the Hills (1917)
Tom Williams
Her Country's Call (1917)
Capt. Earle Neville
Peggy Leads the Way (1917)
Clyde Gardiner
Glory (1917)
Tom Strong
American Methods (1917)
Octave de Beaulieu
Charity Castle (1917)
Merlin Durand
The Mate of the Sally Ann (1917)
Hugh Schuyler
Periwinkle (1917)
The Torch Bearer (1916)
Peck O' Pickles (1916)
Bobbie Bennett
Dulcie's Adventure (1916)
And the Law Says (1916)
Kirby's son
The Sign of the Spade (1916)
Howard Lamson
Heritage (1915)
Guy Melton
Captivating Mary Carstairs (1915)
The Silent Command (1915)
The Sweetheart
Called Back (1914)
Anthony March
The Master Key (1914)

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