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Dog Day Afternoon (1975) --(Movie Clip) It's For You Having bungled trying to burn the traveler's check register, bank robber Sonny (Al Pacino) and partner Sal (John Cazale) learn from the manager (Sully Boyar) that cop Moretti (Charles Durning) is on the phone, in Sidney Lumet's Dog Day Afternoon, 1975.
Dog Day Afternoon (1975) --(Movie Clip) Attica! Bank robber Sonny (Al Pacino), now holding hostages, rallies the Brooklyn crowd, citing the infamous 1971 prison riot, after an obscene in-person confrontation with cop Moretti (Charles Durning), a famous scene from Sidney Lumet's Dog Day Afternoon, 1975.
Dog Day Afternoon (1975) --(Movie Clip) He Can't Make It Following credits establishing Brooklyn, NY, August 22, 1972, Sonny (Al Pacino), Sal (John Cazale) and hesitant Stevie (Gary Springer) begin their bank job, in Sidney Lumet's fact-based Dog Day Afternoon, 1975.
Face Of Fire (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Come On, Pollywog! A fire alarm raised in an American small town ca. 1906, handyman Monk (James Whitmore) trying to rescue the kid he calls “Pollywog” (Miko Oscard), son of his employers, the father, doctor-scientist Trescott (Cameron Mitchell) restrained outside, in Face Of Fire, 1959.
Satellite In The Sky (1956) -- (Movie Clip) Beautiful But Evil Nonchalant space pilot Hayden (Kieron Moore) gives reporter Kim Hamilton (Lois Maxwell) an unauthorized peek at the British earth-orbit craft he’s scheduled to launch the next day, and she thinks it’s risky and wasteful, in Satellite In The Sky, 1956.
Jaws (1975) -- (Movie Clip) That's Some Bad Hat Famous scene from director Steven Spielberg with advanced shooting and editing, Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) scanning the beach which the city fathers refused to close, Lorraine Gary his wife, Wally Hooper Jr. the geriatric swimmer, in Jaws, 1975.
Godspell (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Day By Day Springing from a parable, Robin Lamont (as "Robin") leads Victor (Victor Garber, the "Jesus" character) et-al in the top-forty hit from the hippie-Christian musical Godspell, 1973.
Jaws (1975) -- (Movie Clip) The Bite Radius On This Animal Co-screenwriter Carl Gottlieb is the bossy flack as Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) greets the mayor (Murray Hamilton) with news of the captured shark, Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) casting doubt and Mrs. Kintner (Lee Fierro) wailing on the chief, in Steven Spielberg's Jaws, 1975.
Kiss Of The Spider Woman -- (Movie Clip) Always The Heroine Molina (William Hurt), for cellmate Valentin (Raul Julia), narrating a segment of his movie featuring Michelle (Denise Dummont) and Leni (Sonia Braga), in Hector Babenco's Kiss Of The Spider Woman, 1985.
Kiss Of The Spider Woman -- (Movie Clip) Those Nazi Blondes Events in the prison, Valentin (Raul Julia) watching another political prisoner, arguing with cellmate Molina (William Hurt) about his movie fantasy, in Kiss Of The Spider Woman, 1985, from the novel by Manuel Puig.
Kiss Of The Spider Woman -- (Movie Clip) A Man In Prison! Colorful language, as Valentin (Raul Julia), infuriated with the jailers, starts an uproar and confronts cellmate Molina (William Hurt), who remembers his mother (Miriam Pires), in Kiss Of The Spider Woman, 1985.