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Stars In My Crown (1950) - Sharing The Parson's Heart Rejoining narration in the voice of the mature John (Dean Stockwell), exposition on the circumstances of his living with preacher Josiah Gray (Joel McCrea) and his wife and church organist Harriet (Ellen Drew), Jacques Tourneur directing in the MGM version of the novel by Alabama’s Joe David Brown, Stars In My Crown, 1950.
Stars In My Crown (1950) - I'm Always A Boy In Walesburg With narration by Marshall Thompson, the screenplay derived from the somewhat autobiographical novel by Alabamian Joe David Brown, we meet Dean Stockwell as young John, Joel McCrea the preacher, plus Polly Bailey, Amanda Blake, Adeline de Walt Reynolds, Wilson Wood, Ed Begley and Arthur Hunnicutt, in MGM’s Stars In My Crown, 1950.
Stars In My Crown (1950) - I'm Not Interested In Souls Southern gun-toting preacher Gray (Joel McCrea) is called to the bedside of a parishoner, crossing paths with James Mitchell (known-best for theater and as Palmer Courtland on All My Children) as Dr. Harris Jr., who plans to leave his hometown, because the locals don’t trust his modern methods, in the face of a typhus outbreak, in Stars In My Crown, 1950.
King And Four Queens, The (1956) - Lady Of The House Drifter Kehoe (Clark Gable) rides to the McDade ranch where Ma (Jo Van Fleet) and four widowed daughters in-law (Barbara Nichols, Jean Willes, Sara Shane and Eleanor Parker, dressing, in that order) are said to be sitting on $100,000 in stolen gold, early in The King And Four Queens, 1956.
King And Four Queens, The (1956) - I Wouldn't Lie To Her Kehoe (Clark Gable), who contrived to be shot as a trespasser by the matron of the ranch where her four possibly-wealthy widowed daughters-in-law live, is treated by the smartest, Sabina (Eleanor Parker), checking out his story, early in The King And Four Queens, 1956.
Sun Comes Up, The (1949) - Come On, Lassie! In MGM’s opening we learn that Jeanette MacDonald is widowed opera singer Helen, devoted to her son Hank (Darryl Hickman), who has a terrific collie, and Lewis Stone is Arthur, her conscientious manager, in the fifth picture in the Lassie series, The Sun Comes Up, 1949.
Sun Comes Up, The (1949) - You Got A Fatal Disease? Already widowed and now recovering from the accidental death of her beloved teenage son, famous opera singer Helen (Jeanette MacDonald), with her son’s pet collie Lassie, finds a country retreat and rents from Mr. Willigoode (Percy Kilbride), in MGM’s The Sun Comes Up, 1949.
Sun Comes Up, The (1949) - Fare You Well, Lassie Lassie (in the 5th film in MGM’s series) meets California orphan Jerry (Claude Jarman Jr.), making friends when her owner, vacationing widow opera singer Helen (Jeanette MacDonald), whose teenage son recently died, appears, seeing no future in the relationship, in The Sun Comes Up, 1949.
Moonfleet - They Set The Dogs On Him! Young John (Jon Whiteley) is having a nightmare and gaining in the regard of his new-found pirate father Fox (Stewart Granger), whose mistress (Viveca Lindfors) wants to know more, in Fritz Lang's Moonfleet, 1955.
Moonfleet - I Was Kidnapped! Bronzed-up French ballet dancer Liliane Montevecchi is doing a gypsy bit as unwanted offspring John (Jon Whiteley) arrives to tell his buccaneer father Fox (Stewart Granger) he doesn't wish to be sent away, in Fritz Lang's Moonfleet, 1955.