Helen Ferguson




Cast (Feature Film)

Scarlet Pages (1930)
Miss Hutchison, secretary
In Old California (1929)
Dolores Radanell
Cheaters (1927)
Mary Condon
Jaws of Steel (1927)
Mary Warren
The Fire Fighters (1927)
Casey of the Coast Guard (1926)
The Scarlet West (1925)
Nine and Three-fifths Seconds (1925)
Mary Bowser
My Neighbor's Wife (1925)
Florence Keaton
The Isle of Hope (1925)
Dorothy Duffy
Spook Ranch (1925)
The Cloud Rider (1925)
Zella Wingate
Wild West (1925)
Chalk Marks (1924)
Virginia Thompson
The Valley of Hate (1924)
Milly Hendricks
The Right of the Strongest (1924)
Mary Elizabeth Dale
Racing Luck (1924)
The Girl [Rosina]
Never Say Die (1924)
La Cigale
Why Get Married? (1924)
Janet Carroll
The Famous Mrs. Fair (1923)
Within the Law (1923)
Helen Morris
Brass (1923)
Rosemary Church
Double Dealing (1923)
The Slavey
The Unknown Purple (1923)
Ruth Marsh
Hungry Hearts (1922)
Sara Levin
The Flaming Hour (1922)
Lucille Danby
Rough Shod (1922)
Betty Lawson
According to Hoyle (1922)
Doris Mead
The Crusader (1922)
Miss Lulu Bett (1922)
Diana Deacon
The Call of the North (1921)
Elodie Albret
To a Finish (1921)
Doris Lane
The Freeze Out (1921)
Zoe Whipple
Straight From the Shoulder (1921)
Maggie, The Waitress
Desert Blossoms (1921)
Mary Ralston
Making the Grade (1921)
Sophie Semenoff
The Romance Promoters (1920)
Betty Lorris
The Challenge of the Law (1920)
Madeline Du Barre
Just Pals (1920)
Mary Bruce
The Mutiny of the Elsinore (1920)
Margaret West
Going Some (1920)
Jean Chapin
Shod with Fire (1920)
Ann Lytton
Burning Daylight (1920)
The Gray Brother (1920)
The Poor Boy's sweetheart
The Lost Battalion (1919)
The Stenographer
Life's Greatest Problem (1919)
Miriam Craig
The Gamblers (1919)
Catherine Ames
The Great Victory, Wilson or the Kaiser? the Fall of the Hohenzollerns (1919)
Amy Gordon
Filling His Own Shoes (1917)
Gift O' Gab (1917)
Peggy Dinsmore
The Small Town Guy (1917)
Eleanor Ramsdell
Fools for Luck (1917)

Film Production - Main (Feature Film)

Paris--Underground (1945)
Publicist Director

Cast (Short)

Poor Aubrey (1930)

Life Events