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Secrets Of Women (1952) -- (Movie Clip) With Jesus Or The Grandchildren Following a brief introduction, of women on vacation with kids, awaiting their husbands, writer-director Ingmar Bergman begins his story, five principal characters in one shot, Maj-Britt Nilsson in the foreground, Aino Taube as older Annette, reflecting, with Eva Dahlbeck, Anita Bjork as Rakel, Gerd Andersson as teen Maj, in Secrets Of Women, 1961.
Secrets Of Women (1952) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Have To Show Some Courage Rakel (Anita Bjork) has finished a long flashback about her marriage, as writer-director Ingmar Bergman returns to his vacationing women at the kitchen table, Eva Dahlbeck, older Aino Taube and young Gerd Andersson listening as Marta (Maj-Britt Nilsson) begins her own recollection, the second segment of Secrets Of Women, 1961.
Summer With Monika (1953) -- (Movie Clip) You May Kiss Me On their first date which she initiated, Harriet Andersson (title character) with pliable Harry (Lars Ekborg), early in director and co-writer Ingmar Bergman's tale of young working class Stockholmers, Summer With Monika, 1953.
Summer With Monika (1953) -- (Movie Clip) What Nice Long Legs Harriet Andersson (title character) has thrown a tantrum and left her parents' place, leaving new boyfriend Harry (Lars Ekborg) to improvise shelter for her, in his father's boat, early earthiness in director Ingmar Bergman's provocative Summer With Monika, 1953.
Through A Glass Darkly (1961) -- (Movie Clip) Why Should Women Always Decide? Writer and director Ingmar Bergman’s opening, at distance introducing his only four characters, Gunnar Bjornstrand as father David, Harriet Andersson daughter Karin, Max von Sydow husband Martin, Lars Passgard the brother Minus, in the Best Foreign Language Film winner from 1961, Through A Glass Darkly.
Through A Glass Darkly (1961) -- (Movie Clip) The Artistic Haunting Hiding his own anguish from the others, author and father David (Gunnar Bjornstrand) is treated to a play, composed for his return home, by his son-in-law (Max von Sydow), his mentally ill daughter (Harriet Andersson) and unstable son (Lars Passgard), in Ingmar Bergman’s Through A Glass Darkly, 1961.
Through A Glass Darkly (1961) -- (Movie Clip) Women Are Horrible After a dramatic discussion, on a remote Swedish island, between her father and husband, of her incurable psychiatric condition, Karin (Harriet Andersson) speaks with her troubled brother Minus (Lars Passgard), Ingmar Bergman directing from his original screenplay, in Through A Glass Darkly, 1961.
Summer With Monika (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Time For A Beer Ingmar Bergman's camera operated by Gunnar Fischer on a cart pedaled through Stockholm by leading man Lars Ekborg, leading up to star Harriet Andersson's first shot in her famous collaboration with the director, opening Summer With Monika, 1953.