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Night And The City (1950) - They're Hand-Dipped Hustler Harry (Richard Widmark) cruising London to the Silver Fox, where we meet his snarky employers Helen (Googie Withers), who's briefing new girls, and Phil (Francis L. Sullivan), early in Jules Dassin's celebrated Night And The City, 1950.
Night And The City (1950) - Real Greco-Roman Shady up and coming London wrestling promoter Harry (Richard Widmark) receives angry big-time rival Kristo (Herbert Lom) and his lawyer (Aubrey Dexter), then springs his new partner and secret weapon (Stanislaus Zybyszko), in Jules Dassin's Night And The City, 1950.
Night And The City (1950) - I Do Have A Need Gene Tierney (as "Mary") lip-synching a tune by Noel Gay, as twisted club owners Phil and Helen (Francis L. Sullivan, Googie Withers) chat, when her hustler boyfriend Harry (Richard Widmark) arrives elated at his latest scheme, in Jules Dassin's Night And The City, 1950.
Crime Of Passion (1957) - Propaganda Not For Me San Francisco sob-sister columnist Kathy (Barbara Stanwyck) with L-A cop Bill (Sterling Hayden), having just met that day, have clicked after she found the murderess he came to town to arrest, in Crime Of Passion, 1957.
Crime Of Passion (1957) - World Made By Men Booking desk then press room at the San Francisco P.D., brassy reporter Kathy (Barbara Stanwyck) looking for an angle on an at-large murderess, when the bad L-A cops sent to arrest her (Royal Dano, Sterling Hayden) bust in, early in Crime Of Passion, 1957, original screenplay by Jo Eisinger.
They Came To Rob Las Vegas (1969) - Damn Lucky Broad Jumping into a Las Vegas montage after the failed armored car robbery in San Francisco, we find out Gary Lockwood (whose elder brother was killed on the job) is a croupier, and Elke Sommer his customer, and co-hort, in They Came To Rob Las Vegas, 1969, directed by Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi.
They Came To Rob Las Vegas (1969) - Supporting Cast In A George Raft Picture Summoning I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang, Spanish director Antonio Isasi has Jean Servais (rather than Paul Muni) escaping prison through a swamp, then taken by his crew to psychedelic San Francisco to see his younger brother (Gary Lockwood), opening the improbable crime caper They Came To Rob Las Vegas, 1969.
They Came To Rob Las Vegas (1969) - No Survivors Expected High-tech action, from Spanish director Antonio Isasi, shooting on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, with cool but inexplicable movie posters, as Jean Servais and his gang try to rob an armored car, and his younger brother (Gary Lockwood), who argued against the attempt, observes, in They Came To Rob Las Vegas, 1969.