Catherine Adair


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Wild Affair, The (1963) -- (Movie Clip) The Vampire Look Lecher-ey cosmetics firm boss Deane (Terry-Thomas with NO mustache!), fussy stylist Quentin (Victor Spinetti) and visiting sales ace Craig (Jimmy Logan) all show sudden interest in staffer Marjorie (Nancy Kwan), her wedding and the Christmas party imminent, and whose mirror-based alter-ego happens to match the hot new look, in The Wild Affair, 1963.
Last Wave, The (1977) -- (Movie Clip) There's No Clouds Miss... Idyllic outback afternoon when an inexplicable storm breaks, schoolteacher (Penny Leach) scrambling to protect her charges, opening Peter Weir's supernatural-aboriginal drama The Last Wave, 1977.
Last Wave, The (1977) -- (Movie Clip) He Stole Our Things Hillbilly bar in downtown Sydney, native Australian Billy (Athol Compton) panics when a gang of acquaintances (Walter Amagula, Roy Bara, Cedric Lalara, Morris Lalara) arrives, early in Peter Weir's The Last Wave, 1977.
Last Wave, The (1977) -- (Movie Clip) Billy Died Aboriginal legal-aid defendants (Walter Amagula, Roy Bara, Cedric Lalara, Morris Lalara) arrive to meet Sydney corporate lawyer Burton (Richard Chamberlain), who's taking their case, in Peter Weir's The Last Wave, 1977.
Bespoke Overcoat, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) An Old Man Is An Old Man London tailor Morrie (David Kossoff) with the ghost of friend Fender (Alfie Bass), whom he just buried with the overcoat he’d made for him before he was taken ill, who explains his contempt for Ranking (Alan Tilvern), for whom he worked as a clerk, Jack Clayton directing, in The Bespoke Overcoat, 1956.
Bespoke Overcoat, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) You're A Good Tailor Opening director Jack Clayton’s adaptation of the play by Wolf Mankowitz, suggested by a Gogol story, the 1956 Academy Award winner for Best Short Subject, David Kossoff as underpaid London jewish tailor Morrie, from The Bespoke Overcoat, co-starring Alfie Bass.
La Cage Aux Folles (1979) -- (Movie Clip) Any Tranquilizers Left? Joining the opening from director Edouard Molinari, Renato Baldi (Ugo Tognazzi), owner of a St. Tropez drag club fetches the neighbor doctor (Guido Cerniglia) to persuade his star, also his live-in lover, Albin “Zaza” Napoli (Michel Serrault) to take the stage, in the original La Cage Aux Folles, 1979.
Avalon (1990) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Never Understand This Holiday Thanksgiving, Baltimore, late 1940's, the family Krichinsky (also the director Barry Levinson's mother's maiden name), Sam (Armin Mueller-Stahl) and Eva (Joan Plowright) hosting, son Jules (Aidan Quinn) opposite, Gabriel (Lou Jacobi) griping, plus Elijah Wood age nine, early in Avalon, 1990.
MacArthur (1977) -- (Movie Clip) A Commander's Place Admiral Nimitz (Addison Powell) is in the room but the only audience is President Roosevelt (Dan O'Herlihy), getting an earful and then some from Gregory Peck (title character) on why he has to re-take the biggest island in the Philippines, in MacArthur 1977.
Hospital, The (1971) -- (Movie Clip) These Things Happen Hospital chief Dr. Bock (George C. Scott) first with resident Brubaker (Robert Walden) then tearing into Mrs. Christie (Nancy Marchand) and lawyer Hitchcock (Jordan Charney) over an intern's death, in The Hospital, 1971, from Paddy Chayefsky's screenplay.