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Window, The (1949) - The Boy Cried Wolf On location in New York, Bobby Driscoll as "Tommy," loaned out from Disney, terrific opening by cinematographer-turned-director Ted Tetzlaff, Academy Award-nominated editing by Frederic Knudtson, from The Window, 1949, based on a Cornell Woolrich story.
Window, The (1949) - You Never Mean Any Harm Only child Tommy (Bobby Driscoll) with parents (Arthur Kennedy, Barbara Hale), when the landlord shows up acting on a rumor the kid spread earlier in the day, confirming the boy does have a problem with confabulating, in The Window, 1949, from the Cornell Woolrich story The Boy Cried Murder.
Lizzie (1957) - Never Ask Her How She Feels Opening at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, where colleagues are already talking about Eleanor Parker (title character), Marion Ross as Ruth, Ric Roman as the janitor Johnny, Hugo Haas, who also played a part, directing, in Lizzie, 1957.
Lizzie (1957) - I Wonder Who I Am So far just anxious, but having gotten another threatening note from “Lizzie” at work, Elizabeth (Eleanor Parker) attempts a heart-to-heart with the bourbon-worshipping Aunt Morgan (Joan Blondell) with whom she boards, in the split-personality drama Lizzie, 1957.
Lizzie (1957) - Are You Afraid Of Me? Plenty worried now, with no recollection of her erratic behavior, because she’s had more threatening notes from an unknown “Lizzie,” and because a co-worker called her by that name, mild-mannered Elizabeth (title character) talks to a shrink (Richard Boone), in Lizzie, 1957.
Lizzie (1957) - Warm And Tender First scene with Eleanor Parker (title character, heretofore mousy “Elizabeth), acting up anywhere other than in her own mirror, Johnny Mathis the singer, his first appearance in his only movie, with an early Bacharach/David tune, Ric Roman as a co-worker not quite recognizing her, in Lizzie, 1957.
Window, The (1949) - You've Had A Bad Dream Camped out on the fire escape where it's cooler, one floor above his family's apartment, Tommy (Bobby Driscoll) sees the Kellersons (Paul Stewart, Ruth Roman) commit the crime, his mom (Barbara Hale) not buying it, in The Window, 1949.
Spiral Staircase, The (1946) - Go Straight Home Not too concerned about the murderer at large in their New England town, Dr. Parry (Kent Smith) and his new patient, lovely but mute Helen (Dorothy McGuire), are waylaid by youngster Freddy (Dickie Tyler) with an emergency, in Robert Siodmak's The Spiral Staircase, 1946.
Beware, My Lovely -- (1952) - Keep The Pot Boiling Thoroughly twisted opening, Robert Ryan as handyman Howard, acting alone, from Beware, My Lovely, 1952, co-starring Ida Lupino, play and screenplay by Mel Dinelli.
Cause For Alarm! (1951) - Did You Call The Druggist? All of this framed in the flashback by dutiful wife Ellen (Loretta Young), caring at home for heart patient husband George (Barry Sullivan), who lures her in then springs his accusations, in director Tay Garnett's Cause For Alarm!, 1951.
Cause For Alarm! (1951) - I'm A Housewife Tail end of the credits and the opening narration by star Loretta Young, beginning the double flashback which introduces husband George (Barry Sullivan) and old pal and doctor Grahame (Bruce Cowling), from director Tay Garnett's Cause For Alarm!, 1951.
Jeopardy (1953) - Peligro Settling in at the Mexican west coast spot below Ensenada where Bill (Barry Sullivan) used to fish with his army buddies, mom Helen (Barbara Stanwyck) also not keeping too close an eye on Bobby (Lee Aaker), in John Sturges' Jeopardy, 1953.