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Veronika Voss (1982) -- (Movie Clip) The Mother Of The Floozy Munich, 1955, we’ve just met psychiatrist Katz (Annemarie Düringer), who’s diverted a reporter trying to recover 300-marks from the one-time film star title character (Rosel Zech) whom, we learn, appears to be her captive, who then visits an old producer friend (Peter Berling), in Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Veronika Voss, 1982.
Veronika Voss (1982) -- (Movie Clip) Things That Were Never Heard In 1955 Munich, a persistent phone caller awakens newspaper sports reporter Robert (Hilmar Thate) and his girlfriend (Cornelia Froboess), and we learn it was the faded film star he rescued from the rain the day before, in director Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s black and white Veronika Voss, 1982.
Veronika Voss (1982) -- (Movie Clip) They Don't Wish To Be Found After his strange second encounter with the title character, a past-her-prime film star with Nazi entanglements, sports reporter Robert (Hiilmar Thate) consults with a colleague (Elisabeth Volkmann) then meets an older couple (pre-WWII German film stars Johanna Hofer and Rudolf Platte) at her supposed address, in Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Veronika Voss, 1982.
Veronika Voss (1982) -- (Movie Clip) Insidious Poison Ambitious and arresting, opening the chronological second but the last to be shot, of director Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s famous BRD Trilogy, Rosel Zech the movie star title character, Volker Spengler her director, Armin Mueller-Stahl her writer, and Hilmar Thate with the umbrella, from Veronika Voss, 1982, Fassbinder himself seated with the star in the cinema.
Trip To Bountiful, The (1985) -- (Movie Clip) When You Can't Sleep After a dreamlike opening, we meet John Heard as Ludie and Geraldine Page, in her Academy Award-winning performance as mother Carrie, neither able to sleep, in post-WWII Houston, in The Trip To Bountiful, 1985, directed by Peter Masterson (1934-2018), cousin of the playwright and screenwriter Horton Foote.
Trip To Bountiful, The (1985) -- (Movie Clip) I Didn't Mean To Pout In post-WWII Houston, Geraldine Page as frail mother-in-law Carrie, tangling with her manipulative daughter-in-law Jessie Mae (Carlin Glynn), from whom she is in fact hiding her pension check, and suffering a genuine problem brought on by housework, in The Trip To Bountiful, 1985, from the play and screenplay by Horton Foote.
Trip To Bountiful, The (1985) -- (Movie Clip) My People Are All Dead At a bus station in late 1940’s Houston, Geraldine Page as aging Carrie, who has scraped together money for a bus ticket toward her hometown, which she doesn’t realize is gone, meets Rebecca De Mornay as traveler Thelma, then hides when her son and daughter in law (John Heard, Carlin Glynn) come looking for her, in The Trip To Bountiful, 1985.
Stepford Wives, The (1975) -- (Movie Clip) It's A Casserole Day one in the Connecticut suburb, the first of the natives, Carol Van Sant (Nanette Newman) greets transplanted New Yorker Walter (Peter Masterson), who then has an odd exchange with her husband (Josef Sommer), then tries to reassure his wife Joanna (Katharine Ross), in The Stepford Wives, 1975.
Stepford Wives, The (1975) -- (Movie Clip) That's Why We're Moving! Something of an artful opening from director Bryan Forbes, Katharine Ross clearly ambivalent about leaving New York, Peter Masterson her more enthusiastic husband, opening The Stepford Wives, 1975, from the popular Ira Levin novel, featuring Paula Prentiss and Patrick O'Neal.
Stepford Wives, The (1975) -- (Movie Clip) The Friendliest Accident New in town, the Eberharts (Katharine Ross, Peter Masterson, young Mary Stuart Masterson and Ronny Sullivan) observe an odd fender bender between Carol Van Sant (Nanette Newman) and Kit Sunderson (Carole Mallory) at the grocery, in The Stepford Wives, 1975, from Ira Levin's novel.
Stepford Wives, The (1975) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Just Die If I Don't Get This Recipe Dale (Patrick O'Neal), the former Disney engineer, seems the life of the pool party, as non-conforming new gals Joanna (Katharine Ross) and Bobbie (Paula Prentiss) arrive and Carol (Nanette Newman) appears to malfunction, one of the first indisputably weird events in The Stepford Wives, 1975.
Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) -- (Movie Clip) Cretan Camouflage Arrived from Crete, escorted by Garlick (Forest Whitaker), army DJ and humorist Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams) is hustled into Saigon HQ, meeting the general (Noble Willingham), Hauk (Bruno Kirby), and grumpy Dickerson (J.T. Walsh), early in Barry Levinson's Good Morning, Vietnam, 1987.