Alan Dinehart

Alan Dinehart




Director (Feature Film)

Dante's Inferno (1935)
Dialogue Director

Cast (Feature Film)

Seven Days Ashore (1944)
Daniel Arland
Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1944)
Minstrel Man (1944)
Lew Dunn
The Whistler (1944)
Oh, What a Night (1944)
Detective Norris
Moon Over Las Vegas (1944)
Hal Blake
A WAVE, a WAC and a Marine (1944)
R. J.
It's a Great Life (1943)
Collender Martin
Sweet Rosie O'Grady (1943)
Arthur Skinner
Fired Wife (1943)
Jerry Donohue
The Heat's On (1943)
Forrest Stanton
What a Woman! (1943)
Pat O'Shea
Girl Trouble (1942)
Charles Barrett
Elsa Maxwell's Hotel for Women (1939)
Stephen Gates
Second Fiddle (1939)
George "Whit" Whitney
Slightly Honorable (1939)
Commissioner Joyce
Fast and Loose (1939)
Dave Hilliard
Everything Happens at Night (1939)
Fred Sherwood
Two Bright Boys (1939)
[Bill] Hallitt
King of the Turf (1939)
[Nick] Grimes
The House of Fear (1939)
Joseph Morton
Love on a Budget (1938)
Uncle Charlie
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938)
Up the River (1938)
Warden [Clarence] Willis
The First Hundred Years (1938)
Samuel Z. Walker
Danger - Love at Work (1937)
Allan Duncan
Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937)
Fifty Roads to Town (1937)
Tycoon Jerome Q. Kendall
This Is My Affair (1937)
Doc Keller
Big Town Girl (1937)
Larry Edwards
Midnight Taxi (1937)
Philip Strickland
Dangerously Yours (1937)
Julien Stevens
Woman-Wise (1937)
["Gumshoes"] Richards
Step Lively, Jeeves! (1937)
Hon. Cedric B. Cromwell
Reunion (1936)
Governor Phillip Crandall
Born to Dance (1936)
[James] McKay
The Crime of Dr. Forbes (1936)
Prosecuting attorney
Star for a Night (1936)
James Dunning
It Had to Happen (1936)
Rodman Drake
The Country Beyond (1936)
Ray Jennings
Everybody's Old Man (1936)
Fred Gillespie
Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936)
George Chester
Parole! (1936)
"Boss" [Richard K.] Mallard
King of the Royal Mounted (1936)
Human Cargo (1936)
Lionel ["Bulldog"] Crocker
Thanks a Million (1935)
Mr. Kruger
In Old Kentucky (1935)
Slick Doherty
Lottery Lover (1935)
Tank [Edward Arthur Tankersley]
Your Uncle Dudley (1935)
Charlie Post
Redheads on Parade (1935)
George Magnus
$10 Raise (1935)
The Payoff (1935)
Marty [Bleuler]
Dante's Inferno (1935)
The Crosby Case (1934)
The inspector [Thomas]
The Cat's-Paw (1934)
Mayor Editor Morgan
A Very Honorable Guy (1934)
The Brain [Joel Baldwin]
The Love Captive (1934)
Roger Loft
Baby Take a Bow (1934)
Jimmy the Gent (1934)
[Charles] Wallingham
Cross Country Cruise (1934)
The World Changes (1933)
Ogden Jarratt
Bureau of Missing Persons (1933)
Therme Roberts
Lawyer Man (1933)
[Granville] Bentley
I Have Lived (1933)
Thomas Langley
Dance Girl Dance (1933)
Val [Wade Valentine]
The Sin of Nora Moran (1933)
The district attorney [John Grant]
Fury of the Jungle (1933)
Her Bodyguard (1933)
Lester Cunningham
A Study in Scarlet (1933)
[Thaddeus] Merrydew
No Marriage Ties (1933)
Supernatural (1933)
Paul Bavian
Sweepings (1933)
Thane [Pardway]
As the Devil Commands (1932)
Robert Waldo
Street of Women (1932)
Larry Baldwin
Washington Merry-Go-Round (1932)
[Edward T.] Norton
Rackety Rax (1932)
Counsellor Sultsfeldt
Disorderly Conduct (1932)
Bachelor's Affairs (1932)
Luke Radcliff
The Devil Is Driving (1932)
The Trial of Vivienne Ware (1932)
Okay America (1932)
Roger Jones
Almost Married (1932)
Inspector Slante
Good Sport (1931)
Rex Parker
Wicked (1931)
Girls About Town (1931)
Jerry Chase
The Brat (1931)
MacMillan "Mack" Forester

Cast (Short)

Money to Loan (1939)

Life Events


Movie Clip

Sin Of Nora Moran, The (1933) -- (Movie Clip) The Opiate Quieted Her Body Complex narrative as Claire DuBrey, wife of the governor, has come to her brother the D-A (Alan Dinehart) with letters from a lover who, he admits, was the troubled title character (Zita Johann), who is, as time leaps, comforted by Sarah Padden, then as a child (Cora Sue Collins) by Father Ryan (Henry B. Walthall), in The Sin Of Nora Moran, 1933.
Sin Of Nora Moran, The (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Confident Of Immediate Success More narration from prosecutor Alan Dinehart relating the backstory of the condemned title character (Zita Johann) upon the death of her adoptive parents, embarking on a dance career, winding up with a lion tamer (John Miljan) of dubious character, in the ambitious melodrama from poverty-row Majestic Pictures, The Sin Of Nora Moran, 1933.
Very Honorable Guy, A (1934) -- (Movie Clip) I May Look Dumb In the opening scene we met goons Ponzetti and O’Hara (Harold Huber, Arthur Vinton) who had the idea to use the popular “Feet” Samuels (Joe E. Brown, title character) as a means to get to Hendrickson (George Pat Collins), who owes their gangster boss, and it goes plenty wrong, Lloyd Bacon directing, in A Very Honorable Guy, 1934, from a Damon Runyon story.
Lawyer Man (1932) -- (Movie Clip) It Takes A Good Man After beating uptown corporate lawyer Bentley (Alan Dinehart) in court, William Powell, a shade less suave than usual as Lower East Side lawyer Tony, is surprised to be invited to visit, and still more to be offered a gig, early in Warner Bros.’ Lawyer Man, 1932, also starring Joan Blondell, from a Max Trell novel.
Jimmy The Gent (1934) -- (Movie Clip) I Love Your Enthusiasm The criminal underbelly of a big-city hospital, medical staff (Mary Treen the nurse, Philip Faversham the intern on the phone) sharing word of a loaded corpse, intercepted by Philip Reed, relaying the call to second-billed Bette Davis, who works for slick Alan Dinehart, in Jimmy The Gent, 1934, starring James Cagney.