Julien Derode


Life Events


Movie Clip

Defector, The (1966) -- Does The CIA Want Me? Little explanation, from the opening frame, as Montgomery Clift, in his last performance, playing American scientist Bower, arrives in Munich, meeting British-accented CIA man Adam (Roddy McDowall) at the zoo, in The Defector, 1966.
Defector, The (1966) -- Serious Damage To The Brain Rightly-suspected American spy Bower (Montgomery Clift, in his last film), grows worried about the new East German hotel room he's sent to, director (usually a producer/writer) Raoul Levy applying weirdness, some sympathy from hotel staffer Tommy (Rolf Zacher), in The Defector, 1966.
Defector, The (1966) -- You Will Tell Me American scientist Bower (Montgomery Clift), recruited for a CIA mission, in Leipzig, in his first meeting with his canny East German antagonist Heinzmann (Hardy Kruger), denying plans to meet a defecting Russian scientist, in The Defector, 1966.
Day Of The Jackal, The - No French Soldier Following credits and the modest two-Citroen motorcade of President de Gaulle, assassins led by Bastien-Thiry (Jean Sorel) make their attempt, an historic event in Paris, 1962, opening Fred Zinnemann's The Day Of The Jackal, 1973.
Day Of The Jackal, The - Quanto Costa? Doing business at a Genoa street market, Edward Fox (title character) in a famous scene testing the rifle made for his attempt to kill the French president, with a special bullet, in The Day Of The Jackal, 1973, from Frederick Forsyth's novel.
Day Of The Jackal, The - Do Not Fail French police deputy commissioner Lebel (Michel Lonsdale) gets word that he's being called back into duty to catch an assassin hunting president de Gaulle, consulting with his boss (Timothy West) and assistant Caron (Derek Jacobi), in Fred Zinnemann's The Day Of The Jackal, 1973.