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Constant Nymph, The (1943) -- (Movie Clip) Please Don't Shoot Anything With servant Roberto (Edward Ciannelli), Swiss teen sisters Tessa (Joan Fontaine) and Paula (Joyce Reynolds) update friend Fritz (Peter Lorre), visiting after their father's death and the arrival of their English uncle (Charles Coburn), in The Constant Nymph, 1943, Edmund Goulding directing.
Constant Nymph, The (1943) -- (Movie Clip) You've Broken My Spine First scene for Joan Fontaine, unleashed as Swiss teen Tessa, telling sisters (Jean Muir as "Kate," Joyce Reynolds "Paula") of a family friend (Charles Boyer, not seen) arriving, grouchy stepmother (Joan Blair) not spoiling it, Edmund Goulding directing, The Constant Nymph, 1943.
21 Days (1940) -- (Movie Clip) A Man Must Pay For His Pleasure Joining Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, both in their first scene, before their romance was known in public, in an Alexander Korda production shot in 1937 but released in 1940, as ne’er-do-well English Larry and Russian emigrè Wanda, surprised to meet Esme Percy, in 21 Days.
21 Days (1940) -- (Movie Clip) I Got Him By The Throat Laurence Olivier, whose character shares his nickname, Larry, skulks into the London offices of his big-shot barrister brother Keith (Leslie Banks), whom he doesn’t know is campaigning to be made a judge, sharing bad news, in 21 Days, made in 1937, released in 1940.
21 Days (1940) -- (Movie Clip) The World Can Frighten You Big-shot London lawyer Durrant (Leslie Banks), helping cover for his brother (Laurence Olivier, not seen) who accidentally killed the estranged husband of his Russian emigrè mistress Wanda (Vivien Leigh), visits her flat, in producer Alexander Korda’s 21Days, 1940.
Constant Nymph, The (1943) -- (Movie Clip) When Thou Art Dead Swiss country teens Tessa (Joan Fontaine) and Paula (Joyce Reynolds) rush to greet sister Toni (Brenda Marshall), returned from travel with an older man, composer and family friend Lewis (Charles Boyer), with fourth sister Kate (Jean Muir), helping console her, in The Constant Nymph, 1943.
Constant Nymph, The (1943) -- (Movie Clip) Brandy Will Not Calm You Opening scene finds composer Lewis (Charles Boyer) coming unglued over London reviews of his latest work, his Brussels landlord (Marcel Dalio), landlady (Jeanine Crispin) and doctor (Andre Charlot) in the wake, opening The Constant Nymph, 1943, co-starring Joan Fontaine and Alexis Smith.


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