Ida Darling




Cast (Feature Film)

The Girl Who Came Back (1935)
Mrs. Rhodes, Bill's mother
Here Comes the Navy (1934)
The Mighty Barnum (1934)
Woman at dock
Only Yesterday (1933)
Lummox (1930)
Mrs. Farley
Love in the Desert (1929)
Mrs. Winslow
A Woman Against the World (1928)
Bride's mother, Mrs. Crane
The House of Scandal (1928)
Mrs. Chatterton
Singed (1927)
Mrs. Eleanor Cardigan
Stranded in Paris (1926)
Mrs. Halstead
Irene (1926)
Mrs. Warren Marshall
The Sky Raider (1925)
Mrs. Willard
Heart of a Siren (1925)
Duchess of Chatham
Meddling Women (1924)
Mrs. Ainsworth
The Exciters (1923)
Mrs. Rand
Destiny's Isle (1922)
Mrs. Pierpont
The Ruling Passion (1922)
Mrs. Alden
Nobody (1921)
Mrs. Van Cleek
Society Snobs (1921)
Mrs. Forrester
Wedding Bells (1921)
Mrs. Hunter
The Woman Game (1920)
Mrs. Smythe-Smythe
Whispers (1920)
Aunt Carolina
She Loves and Lies (1920)
Carrie Chisholm
The Dangerous Paradise (1920)
Mrs. Forrester
Marooned Hearts (1920)
Mrs. Ainsworth
When a Man Loves (1919)
The Man Who Stayed at Home (1919)
Mrs. Sanderson
The Miracle of Love (1919)
Three Men and a Girl (1919)
Theresa Jenkins
False Gods (1919)
Mrs. Sewell
Life's Greatest Problem (1919)
Mrs. Craig
Mrs. Dane's Defense (1918)
Mrs. Bulsom-Porter
Out of the Night (1918)
Adelaide Storrow
The Ghosts of Yesterday (1918)
Mrs. Whitaker
Men (1918)
Mrs. Hamilton
T'other Dear Charmer (1918)
Mrs. Wentworth
By Right of Purchase (1918)
Mrs. Hughes
The Make-Believe Wife (1918)
Mrs. Ashbrook
Marriage (1918)
Mrs. Stoddard
The Girl of Today (1918)
Mrs. Norris Wynn
Scandal (1917)
Mrs. Vanderdyke
When Love Was Blind (1917)
Burton's aunt
Heart's Desire (1917)
Broadway Jones (1917)
Mrs. Gerard
Davy Crockett (1916)
Under Cover (1916)
Mrs. Harrington
The Test (1916)
The Lost Bridegroom (1916)
Mrs. Amelia Hardin
Hypocrisy (1916)
Mrs. Gordon Trent
The Big Sister (1916)
Mrs. Spaulding
Heléne of the North (1915)
Mrs. O'Neill
The Masqueraders (1915)
Lady Gradover
The Morals of Marcus (1915)
Mrs. Ordeyne
The Nightingale (1914)
Mrs. Belmore
The Adventures of Kitty Cobb (1914)

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