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Angels in the Outfield - Publicity Stills
Here are a number of stills taken to help publicize MGM's Angels in the Outfield (1951), starring Paul Douglas and Janet Leigh. Publicity stills were specially-posed photos, usually taken off the set, for purposes of publicity or reference for promotional artwork.
Moonfleet - Behind-the-Scenes Photos
Here are a number of photos taken behind-the-scenes during production of MGM's Moonfleet (1955), starring Stewart Granger, Viveca Lindfors, and George Sanders, and directed by Fritz Lang.


Movie Clip

Scandal At Scourie (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Best Ones Were Taken First On an Ontario stopover, traveling west with guardian nuns seeking homes for their charges after a fire, orphan Patsy (Donna Corcoran), hoping to save her goldfish from her bully friends, meets local Mrs. McChesney (Greer Garson, her first scene), in MGM's Scandal At Scourie, 1953.
Scandal At Scourie (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Dictated By Rome Mrs. McChesney (Greer Garson) has not quite convinced her prominent Ontario Protestant storekeeper and mayor husband Patrick (Walter Pidgeon) that they should adopt just-arrived Catholic Quebecois orphan Patsy (Donna Corcoran) permanently, early in MGM's Scandal At Scourie, 1953.
Scandal At Scourie (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Because I'm A Protestant? Irish-born Ontarian Mrs. McChesney (Greer Garson) has just failed in her scheme to cause Quebec orphan Patsy (Donna Corcoran) to miss her train west with the nuns, so she makes a spontaneous offer to Sister Josephine (Agnes Moorehead), Arthur Shields the local priest, in MGM's Scandal At Scourie, 1953.
Gypsy Colt (1954) -- (Movie Clip) These Come Home Horses Meg (Donna Corcoran) is distraught because her horse, who used to pick her up from school, has been sold, but today he turns up, bringing her home to her parents (Ward Bond, Frances Dee), and a confrontation with the trainer (Lee Van Cleef) who works for the new owner, in MGM’s Gypsy Colt, 1954.
Gypsy Colt (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Gypsy's Been Sold Meg (Donna Corcoran) is alarmed when the title-horse Gypsy doesn’t show up to meet her after school, returning home to find out what her struggling rancher parents (Ward Bond, Frances Dee) couldn’t bring themselves to tell her, in MGM’s Gypsy Colt, 1954.
Gypsy Colt (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Like Selling A Member Of The Family Opening MGM’s very family drama, local denizens are impressed that the horse from the title is so devoted to top-billed Donna Corcoran as Meg, her parents back home (Ward Bond, Frances Dee) considering how to break some bad news, in Gypsy Colt, 1954, from a story by Lassie author Eric Knight.
Angels In The Outfield (1951) -- (Movie Clip) Get Her Out Of The Sun Reporter Jennifer (Janet Leigh) narrating, manager McGovern (Paul Douglas) trying his new Shakespeare-augmented griping technique, Sister Edwitha (Spring Byington) escorting orphan Bridget (Donna Corcoran), in Angels In The Outfield, 1951.
Dangerous When Wet (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Tom & Jerry Junior (Donna Corcoran) sent off as in-training English Channel swimmer Ginny (Esther Williams) begins her rest, leading to a famous sequence teaming MGM with Hanna-Barbera, in Dangerous When Wet, 1953.