Richard Connell


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Meet John Doe -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Streamlined Opening titles followed by a searing exercise in newsroom house-cleaning, featuring Ann (Barbara Stanwyck) pleading with Connell (James Gleason) in Frank Capra's Meet John Doe, 1941.
Our Relations (1936) -- (Movie Clip) We Can Be Millionaires Anytime Stan and Oliver are playing their ne’er-do-well sailor twin brothers, in a San Francisco beer garden, consulting about how to get their money back from their shipmate who was supposed to invest on their behalf, as they’ve picked up some girls, early in Our Relations, 1936.
Our Relations (1936) -- (Movie Clip) You Overstuffed Casanova! Stan and Oliver have bumbled into the same joint where their dimwit sailor twin brothers (whom they think are dead) left a mess, their wives (Betty Healy, Daphne Pollard) thinking them unfaithful, and their twins’ thieving shipmate (James Finlayson) baffled, in Our Relations, 1936.
Meet John Doe (1941) -- (Movie Clip) It's Worth Living For! Significant SPOILER here, as “John Doe” (Gary Cooper) contemplates jumping after all, power broker Norton (Edward Arnold) and his men offering cynical advice, and Ann (Barbara Stanwyck) breaks down in a desperate last attempt, nearing the climax of Frank Capra’s Meet John Doe, 1941.
Meet John Doe (1941) -- (Movie Clip) Tear Down All The Fences! "John Doe" (Gary Cooper) delivers his first radio address, written by Ann (Barbara Stanwyck), who invented his persona, to an audience including his pal "the colonel" (Walter Brennan), editor Connell (James Gleason) and evil magnate Norton (Edward Arnold) in Frank Capra's Meet John Doe, 1941.
Meet John Doe (1941) -- (Movie Clip) Matter of Principle! Vagrant Gary Cooper, having agreed to become the fictional and suicidal "John Doe," dines with pal "The Colonel" (Walter Brennan) as journalists Ann (Barbara Stanwyck) and Connell (James Gleason) plan their campaign, in Frank Capra's Meet John Doe, 1941.
Two Girls And A Sailor (1944) -- (Movie Clip) A Love Like Ours MGM features Harry James and his Music Makers, then June Allyson and Gloria DeHaven as the feuding Deyo sisters with a tune by Alberta Nichols and Mann Holiner, wondering which guy (Van Johnson!) has been sending the orchids, in Two Girls And A Sailor, 1944.
Two Girls And A Sailor (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Save Your Dough, Sailor Not knowing sailor Johnny (Van Johnson) is a zillionaire or that he's the secret admirer of her singing-partner sister Jean (Gloria DeHaven), Patsy (June Allyson) explains things, during an apparently routine party for servicemen at their apartment, in MGM's Two Girls And A Sailor, 1944.
Her Highness And The Bellboy (1945) -- (Movie Clip) She Wants To Go Native With Agnes Moorehead as her counsel the countess, Hedy Lamarr, a Hungarian princess, arrives at her New York hotel, Ludwig Stossel as "Pufi," and soon confesses her true purpose, unconcerned about the ubiquitous Baron Zoltan (Carl Esmond), in Her Highness And the Bellboy, 1945.
Her Highness And The Bellboy (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Ritz Plaza Rooftop Manhattan bellboy Jimmy (Robert Walker) drops in on sweetheart Leslie (June Allyson) whom we learn is disabled, then joined by slow-witted porter pal Albert (Rags Ragland), for what looks to be a regular date, in MGM's Her Highness And The Bellboy, 1945, Hedy Lamarr the other title character.
Presenting Lily Mars -- (Movie Clip) Look Not So Pale, Macbeth! Visiting his Indiana hometown, Broadway producer John Thornway (Van Heflin) has been lured into the home of ambitious Lily (Judy Garland), who swiped an important script, and subjected to her Lady MacBeth, in Presenting Lily Mars, 1943, from a Booth Tarkington novel.
Rio Rita (1942) -- (Movie Clip) Long Before You Came Along Devoted fan "Rita" (Kathryn Grayson) is singing along with her portable on the prairie when the artist himself "Ricardo Montera" (John Carroll), local boy made good, happens along, song by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg, in MGM's Abbott & Costello re-boot of Rio Rita, 1942.