Wanda Hawley



Birth Place
Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
July 30, 1895
March 18, 1963


Beautiful blonde leading lady of films in the late 1910s and early 20s....


Beautiful blonde leading lady of films in the late 1910s and early 20s.



Cast (Feature Film)

Trails of the Golden West (1931)
The Pueblo Terror (1931)
Helen Weston
Pirates of the Sky (1927)
Doris Reed
Eyes of the Totem (1927)
Mariam Hardy
The Combat (1926)
Ruth Childers
The Smoke Eaters (1926)
Midnight Limited (1926)
Mary Foster
The Last Alarm (1926)
Whom Shall I Marry (1926)
A Desperate Moment (1926)
Virginia Dean
Hearts and Spangles (1926)
Peg Palmer
The Midnight Message (1926)
Mary Macy
Men of the Night (1926)
Trixie Moran
Graustark (1925)
Who Cares (1925)
Smouldering Fires (1925)
American Pluck (1925)
Princess Alicia
Stop Flirting (1925)
Vivian Marsden
Let Women Alone (1925)
Beth Wylie
Barriers Burned Away (1925)
Molly Winthrop
Flying Fool (1925)
The Bride
The Unnamed Woman (1925)
Doris Gray
The Man Who Played Square (1924)
The Desert Sheik (1924)
Corinne Adams
Bread (1924)
Alice Sturgis
Reckless Romance (1924)
Beatrice Skinner
Mary of the Movies (1923)
Nobody's Money (1923)
Grace Kendall
Thirty Days (1923)
Lucille Ledyard
Brass Commandments (1923)
Gloria Hallowell
The Man From Brodney's (1923)
Lady Agnes Deppingham
Masters of Men (1923)
Bessie Fleming
Fires of Fate (1923)
Too Much Wife (1922)
Myra Morgan
The Young Rajah (1922)
Molly Cabot
The Truthful Liar (1922)
Tess Haggard
Burning Sands (1922)
Muriel Blair, an English girl
Bobbed Hair (1922)
Polly Heath
The Woman Who Walked Alone (1922)
Muriel Champneys
Thirty Days (1922)
The Affairs of Anatol (1921)
Emilie Dixon
The Snob (1921)
Kathryn Haynes
Her Face Value (1921)
Peggy Malone
Her Sturdy Oak (1921)
Violet White
The Outside Woman (1921)
Dorothy Ralston
The House That Jazz Built (1921)
Cora Rodham
A Kiss in Time (1921)
Sheila Athlone
The Love Charm (1921)
Ruth Sheldon
The Tree of Knowledge (1920)
Double Speed (1920)
Effie McPherson
Food for Scandal (1920)
Sylvia Figueroa
Miss Hobbs (1920)
Miss Hobbs
Her Beloved Villain (1920)
Susanne Bergomat
Her First Elopement (1920)
Christina Elliott
Mrs. Temple's Telegram (1920)
Mrs. Clara Temple
The Six Best Cellars (1920)
Mrs. Carpenter
Held by the Enemy (1920)
Emmy McCreery
For Better, for Worse (1919)
Betty Hoyt
Greased Lightning (1919)
Alice Flint
Virtuous Sinners (1919)
Dawn Emerson
Peg O' My Heart (1919)
Peg O'Connell
The Poor Boob (1919)
"Pep" Sparks, also known as Hope
Secret Service (1919)
Edith Varney
You're Fired (1919)
Helen Rogers
Told in the Hills (1919)
Ann Belleau
The Lottery Man (1919)
Helen Heyer
Everywoman (1919)
Mr. Fix-It (1918)
Mary McCollough
The Gypsy Trail (1918)
Frances Raymond
The Border Wireless (1918)
Elsa Miller
The Way of a Man with a Maid (1918)
Elsa Owenson
A Pair of Silk Stockings (1918)
Pamela Bristowe
Old Wives for New (1918)
Sophy, in Prologue
We Can't Have Everything (1918)
Kedzie Thropp

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