Vola Vale




Cast (Feature Film)

Black Tears (1927)
Two Can Play (1926)
Home Sweet Home (1926)
Natalie Dunlop
The Sky Pirate (1926)
Her Big Adventure (1926)
Countess Fontaine
Little Annie Rooney (1925)
Who Cares (1925)
Heartless Husbands (1925)
Mrs. Jackson Cain
The Mirage (1924)
Betty Bond
Soul of the Beast (1923)
The Midnight Flower (1923)
Mothers-in-Law (1923)
Ina Phillips
The Man Between (1923)
Joe Cateau's bride, Rosie
Crashin' Thru (1923)
Good Men and True (1922)
Georgie Hibbler
The Duke of Chimney Butte (1921)
Vesta Philbrook
Singing River (1921)
Alice Thornton
White Oak (1921)
Barbara, his sweetheart
The Purple Cipher (1920)
Jeanne Baldwin
The Iron Rider (1920)
Mera Donovan
Common Sense (1920)
Violet Manners
A Master Stroke (1920)
Minnie Patten
Alias Jimmy Valentine (1920)
Rose Lane
Someone in the House (1920)
Molly Brent
Overland Red (1920)
Louise Alacarme
The Purple Cypher (1920)
Happy Though Married (1919)
Diana Ramon
A Heart in Pawn (1919)
Emily Stone
Hearts Asleep (1919)
Virginia Calvert
Six Feet Four (1919)
Winifred Waverly
The Hornet's Nest (1919)
Muriel Fletcher
Wolves of the Rail (1918)
Faith Lawson
The Locked Heart (1918)
Ruth Mason
The Silent Man (1917)
Betty Bryce
The Secret of Black Mountain (1917)
Miriam Vale
Mentioned in Confidence (1917)
Marjorie Manning
The Son of His Father (1917)
Hazel Mallinsbee
The Lady in the Library (1917)
Mildred Vandeburg
Zollenstein (1917)
Princess Fulvia/Princess Zenia
Each to His Kind (1917)
Amy Dawe
The Winning of Sally Temple (1917)
Lady Pamela Vauclain
The Bond Between (1917)
Ellen Ingram

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