Alfred Allen




Cast (Feature Film)

The Flying Fleet (1929)
Sunset Pass (1929)
Amos Dabb
Hot News (1928)
Michael Clancy
Under the Tonto Rim (1928)
Dad Denmeade
Anybody Here Seen Kelly? (1928)
Sergeant Malloy
The Fifty-Fifty Girl (1928)
Kathleen's uncle
The Outlaw Dog (1927)
Henry Jordan
Singed (1927)
The Golden Yukon (1927)
Out All Night (1927)
The Magic Garden (1927)
Chief Clarepolice
The Mystery Club (1926)
Inspector Burke
Rolling Home (1926)
General Wade
Bustin' Thru (1925)
John Merritt
Dangerous Innocence (1925)
Captain Rome
Speed (1925)
Nat Armstrong
Bustin' Through (1925)
A Girl of the Limberlost (1924)
Wesley Sinton
Stolen Secrets (1924)
Judge Wright
Abraham Lincoln (1924)
Gen. George Meade
The Grub-Stake (1923)
Mark Leroy
Shootin' for Love (1923)
Jim Travis
Desert Driven (1923)
A Noise in Newboro (1923)
Eben Paisley
A Gentleman of Leisure (1923)
Big Phil Creedon
The Miracle Baby (1923)
Dr. Amos Stanton
Colleen of the Pines (1922)
Duncan Cameron
The New Disciple (1922)
Peter Fanning
Shattered Idols (1922)
The judge
The Pride of Palomar (1922)
John Parker
The Sage Hen (1921)
John Rudd
O'Malley of the Mounted (1921)
Big Judson
Burning Daylight (1920)
Nathaniel Letton
An Old Fashioned Boy (1920)
Doctor Graves
Blackmail (1920)
Harry Golden
The Broken Gate (1920)
Eph Adamson
Mountain Madness (1920)
Dick Mason
The Man in the Moonlight (1919)
Captain Hendricks
His Divorced Wife (1919)
Jethro Haws
The Other Half (1919)
J. Martin Trent
Riders of Vengeance (1919)
Harry's father
Loot (1919)
Lark Ashby
The Sleeping Lion (1919)
Colonel Doharney
The Blinding Trail (1919)
John Halverson
The Red Glove (1919)
The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin (1918)
General John Pershing
A Society Sensation (1918)
Captain Parmelee
Kiss or Kill (1918)
The Eagle (1918)
Mining company official
The Guilt of Silence (1918)
Tongues of Flame (1918)
Sheriff Dunn
Brace Up (1918)
Colonel Court
Nobody's Wife (1918)
Sheriff Carew, also known as Alec Young
Winner Takes All (1918)
Saul Chadron
Painted Lips (1918)
Captain McTavish
The Girl in the Dark (1918)
Struber, chief of police
The Sea Flower (1918)
"Gun" Fowler
The Grand Passion (1918)
Ben Mackey
The Lion's Claws (1918)
The Flashlight (1917)
John Peterson
The Reed Case (1917)
Bull Renfroy
The Flame of Youth (1917)
Jasper Sneedham
The Price of a Good Time (1917)
His father
Fighting Mad (1917)
Eldorado Smith
Hell Morgan's Girl (1917)
"Hell" Morgan
Follow the Girl (1917)
The Gates of Doom (1917)
Grand Duke Alexis
A Child of Mystery (1916)
Michael Gavotti
A Yoke of Gold (1916)
Luis Lopez
The Unattainable (1916)
Theatrical manager
Barriers of Society (1916)
John Phillips
A Soul Enslaved (1916)

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