Elgin Lessley


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Sherlock Jr. (1924) -- (Movie Clip) Shadow Your Man Closely Rejected as a thief by the father of now-dejected "Girl" (Kathryn McGuire), the hero (director and star Buster Keaton) follows his mail-order detective's handbook and his suspect (Ward Crane, who in fact framed him) in Sherlock Jr., 1924.
Sherlock Jr. (1924) -- (Movie Clip) Be Careful! Still immersed in his movie-based dream, the projectionist/hero (director Buster Keaton, as the title character) stays calm under pressure as he flees villains and gets an unexpected assist from his real-life boss and fantasy-assistant (Ford West) in Sherlock Jr., 1924.
Sherlock Jr. (1924) -- (Movie Clip) I Never Thought You'd Make It! Continuing the famous chase sequence, still in the imaginary movie into-which he's dreamed himself, star and director Buster Keaton as the title character is more alone than he realizes, in Sherlock Jr., 1924.
Sherlock Jr. (1924) -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Old Proverb The opening sequence introduces the title character's real-life persona, his boss (Ford West) and "the girl" (Kathryn McGuire), the premise behind the title still to be revealed, in Buster Keaton's action-fantasy-comedy Sherlock Jr., 1924.
Sherlock Jr. (1924) -- (Movie Clip) The Crime-Crushing Criminologist Buster Keaton appears in his second role as the title character, in the movie into which he's dreamed himself, and in which his girl and his rival (Kathryn McGuire, Ward Crane), now appear, in the acclaimed silent comedy Sherlock Jr., 1924.
Sherlock Jr. (1924) -- (Movie Clip) Hearts And Pearls Exhausted and frustrated with his amateur detective efforts, the hero dozes off at work in the projection room and dreams himself into a movie called Hearts And Pearls, executing one of director and star Buster Keaton's more transcendent ideas, in Sherlock Jr., 1924.
Seven Chances (1925) -- (Movie Clip) I Must Wed Someone! Having learned that he must wed by evening to win a giant inheritance, lawyer Jimmy (Buster Keaton) rushes to long-time girlfriend Mary (Ruth Dwyer), first succeeding by accident, then blowing it, early in Seven Chances, 1925.
Seven Chances (1925) -- (Movie Clip) Would You Marry Me? Pushed by his partner (T. Roy Barnes) to marry by evening in order to claim an inheritance that will save their firm, lawyer Jimmy (Buster Keaton) tries his luck at the country club, in Seven Chances, 1925.
Seven Chances (1925) -- (Movie Clip) There's Plenty Of Time Financially challenged lawyer Jimmy (Buster Keaton, also the credited director) and partner (T. Roy Barnes) are avoiding a guy (Snitz Edwards) they think is a process server, until they find out he has news of a giant inheritance, early in Seven Chances, 1925
One Week (1920) -- (Movie Clip) End Of A Perfect Day Already having difficulty assembling the pre-fabricated house received as a wedding gift, Buster Keaton and his bride (Sybil Seely) take delivery of an apparently unexpected piano, in Keaton’s dazzling first short produced as co-writer and director (with Edward. F “Eddie” Cline) for Joseph M. Schenck, One Week, 1920.
Go West (1925) -- (Movie Clip) Lasso Buster Keaton as "Friendless" Homer Holiday has trouble with a lasso, looking to round up a stray calf before the big cattle shipment, in Go West, 1925.
Navigator, The (1924) -- (Movie Clip) At Sea Rollo (Buster Keaton) and Betsy (Kathryn McGuire), both accidentally on board an abandoned ocean liner, have trouble finding each other in The Navigator, 1924.