Claire Adams





Cast (Feature Film)

Revolver (2005)
Scare Their Pants Off (1968)
Lust Weekend (1967)
What a Mother-in-Law! (1934)
Missing Daughters (1933)
Claire Mathers
Combat (1927)
Wanda, his Wardrobe
Married Alive (1927)
Viola Helmesley Duxbury
The Sea Wolf (1926)
Maud Brewster
Yellow Fingers (1926)
Nona Deering
The Big Parade (1925)
Justyn Reed
Men and Women (1925)
Agnes Prescott
The Kiss Barrier (1925)
Marion Weston
The Devil's Cargo (1925)
Martha Joyce
The Wheel (1925)
Kate O'Hara
Souls for Sables (1925)
Helen Ralston
The Fast Set (1924)
Fay Collen
Daddies (1924)
Bobette Audrey
The Painted Flapper (1924)
Eunice Whitney
Helen's Babies (1924)
Helen Lawrence
Honor Among Men (1924)
Patricia Carson
The Girl in the Limousine (1924)
The girl
Oh, You Tony (1924)
Betty Faine
The Brass Bowl (1924)
The Night Hawk (1924)
Clia Milton
Missing Daughters (1924)
Claire Mathers
The Clean Up (1923)
Phyllis Andrews
The Scarlet Car (1923)
Beatrice Forbes
Stepping Fast (1923)
Helen Durant
Where the North Begins (1923)
Felice McTavish
Legally Dead (1923)
Minnie O'Reilly
Brass Commandments (1923)
Ellen Bosworth
The Gray Dawn (1922)
Nan Bennett
Golden Dreams (1922)
Mercedes McDonald
Heart's Haven (1922)
Vivian Breed
When Romance Rides (1922)
Lucy Bostil
Do and Dare (1922)
Juanita Sánchez
Just Tony (1922)
Marianne Jordan
Mysterious Rider (1921)
The Lure of Egypt (1921)
Margaret Lampton
The Man of the Forest (1921)
Helen Raynor
A Certain Rich Man (1921)
Molly Culpepper
The Killer (1921)
Ruth Emory
The Key to Power (1920)
Ann Blair
The Dwelling Place of Light (1920)
Janet Butler
The Great Lover (1920)
The Money-Changers (1920)
Lucy Hegan
Riders of the Dawn (1920)
Lenore Anderson
The Spenders (1920)
Avice Milbrey
The Penalty (1920)
A Misfit Earl (1919)
Phyllis Barton
The End of the Road (1919)
Mary Lee
The Invisible Bond (1919)
Leila Templeton
Speedy Meade (1919)
Alice Hall

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Gulliver's Travels (1996)

Life Events