Mary Chase


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Harvey (1950) - Dowd's My Name Opening director Henry Koster’s treatment of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Mary Chase, James Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd, Josephine Hull his sister Veda, whom she also played on Broadway, Victoria Horne as the daughter Myrtle Mae, in Harvey, 1950.
Harvey (1950) - He'd Be Delighted In their second scene together, James Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd, with his not-yet-explained invisible giant rabbit friend, visits the bar, tended by Cracker (Richard Wessel), meeting friend Meegles (Harry Hines), learning of the party his sister didn’t mention, in Harvey, 1950.
Harvey (1950) - This Person You Call Harvey Veda (Josephine Hull), with her brother Elwood (James Stewart, not seen) already hustled away by the sanitarium staff, explains to Dr. Sanderson (Charles Drake) why she’s having him committed, leading to substantial confusion, in Harvey, 1950, from the Mary Chase play.
Harvey (1950) - The Evening Wore On Orderly Wilson (Jesse White), Dr. Sanderson (Charles Drake) and nurse Kelly (Peggy Dow) have tracked Elwood (James Stewart) to the bar, convinced that he, and maybe his imaginary giant rabbit friend, had something to do with the disappearance of their boss Dr. Chumley, in Harvey, 1950.
Harvey (1950) - Did I Tell You He Could Stop Clocks? Sanitarium chief Chumley (Cecil Kellaway) is finally alone with eccentric Elwood Dowd (James Stewart), friend of the giant rabbit of the title, who has confounded his staff, and finds himself enlightened, a famous piece from the original play by Mary Chase, in Harvey, 1950.