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Ashes And Embers (1982) -- (Movie Clip) She Won't Be Sorry Killing time at his grandmother’s rural home, flashing back on Vietnam, and having listened to her gripe about people trying to “uproot” her, Ned (John Anderson) receives two real estate men (Benjamin F. Lehman, Lawrence Everette), in writer-director Haile Gerima’s Ashes And Embers, 1982.
Ashes And Embers (1982) -- (Movie Clip) What Branch Did You Serve In? Probably the most energetic and extended speech Vietnam vet Ned Charles (John Anderson) makes in the film, confronting the philosophical and/or political friends of his girlfriend (Kathy Flewellen) about the war, in writer-director Haile Gerima’s Ashes And Embers, 1982.
Ashes And Embers (1982) -- (Movie Clip) You're Getting Worse Couch-surfing and dissolute Vietnam vet Ned (John Anderson) provokes an unexpected tirade from his girlfriend Liza Jane (Kathy Flewellen) and gets kicked out, then visits the TV repair shop where he sometimes works, angering the boss Jim (Norman Blalock) in Haile Gerima’s acclaimed independent feature Ashes And Embers, 1982.
Ashes And Embers (1982) -- (Movie Clip) To Conquer Hollywood Opening writer-director-producer Haile Gerima’s award-winning, low-budget underground feature, actors John Anderson as Ned and Barry Wiggins as “Randolph,” cruising Sunset Blvd. in late 1980, with radio ads and soon the police, in Ashes And Embers, 1982.
Ashes And Embers (1982) -- (Movie Clip) What's Really Going On Leaping back in time from the arrest of Ned Charles (John Anderson) in Los Angeles, he remembers earlier times in his return from Vietnam, and his first encounter with Grandma (Evelyn A. Blackwell), the exact location of her rural home not revealed, early in Haile Gerima’s Ashes And Embers, 1982.
Henry V (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Unto Southampton! Leslie Banks, as "Chorus" conveys us to Southampton, where the king (director and star Laurence Olivier) launches his fleet, then the death of Falstaff (George Robey), faithful to the original Shakespeare, from Henry V, 1944.
Floods Of Fear (1958)-- (Movie Clip) You Can't Swim With That On First of several scenes in which Anne Heywood (as "Elizabeth") is disrobed, as convict Donovan (Howard Keel), his work gang swamped by a Nevada flood, rescues her from same, in the British-made action-thriller Floods Of Fear, 1958.
Floods Of Fear (1958)-- (Movie Clip) That's For Screws Creepy convict Peebles (Cyril Cusack) threatens Elizabeth (Anne Heywood) before prison guard Sharkey (Harry H. Corbett) then good-guy convict Donovan (Howard Keel) intervene, all of them stranded at her Nevada ranch, in Floods Of Fear, 1958.