Richard A. Carroll


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Back From Eternity (1956) - In The Base Of The Skull The stewardess (Adele Mara) visits gangster-escorting-child Jesse White, the professor and his wife (Cameron Prud’homme, Beulah Bondi) who converse with convict Vasquel (Rod Steiger), who seems cheery considering he’s traveling for his execution, his bounty hunter (Fred Clark) tolerant, as pilots (Keith Andes, Robert Ryan) cope with big weather problems, in Back From Eternity, 1956.
Back From Eternity (1956) - Blue Moon Girls Between segments of the South American airline journey, little Tommy (Jon Provost) rescued by nice Louise (Phyllis Kirk) but not vampy Rena (Anita Ekberg), who joins jaded pilot Bill (Robert Ryan), in John Farrow's Back From Eternity, 1956.
Back From Eternity (1956) - Our Chances? After crash-landing, convict Vasquel (Rod Steiger) and bounty hunter Crimp (Fred Clark) tangle, pilots Bill (Robert Ryan) and Joe (Keith Andes) speak to survivors (Cameron Prud'homme, Phyllis Kirk, Jesse White, Anita Ekberg et al), John Farrow directing, in Back From Eternity, 1956.
Back From Eternity (1956) - Place Called Boca Grande Meant to be dazzling introduction of Anita Ekberg (as probably-hooker "Rena"), getting bounced from Las Vegas by probably-pimp Paul (Tris Coffin), launching events in John Farrow's Back From Eternity, 1956.
Five Came Back (1939) - Anything But Murder Part of director John Farrow's splendid opening, introducing first Patrick Knowles and Wendy Barrie, then Lucille Ball, C. Aubrey Smith and Elizabeth Risdon, co-pilot Kent Taylor, Allen Jenkins and young Casey Johnson, then pilot Chester Morris, leaving for Panama, in Five Came Back, 1939.