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Crest Of The Wave (1954) - Death Or Glory Boys At a post-WWII British naval research station after a colleague’s death in an accident, Badge (Sidney James) counsels Haggis and Sprog (David Orr, Ray Jackson), joined by Lofty (Bernard Lee), before P-O Herbert (Patric Doonan) intrudes, in John and Ray Boulting’s Crest Of The Wave, 1954.
Crest Of The Wave (1954) - Not Sailed By Englishmen Yanks Shorty and Butch (Fred Wayne, Jeff Richards) getting kitted out for new duties at a remote British navy station when Lofty (Bernard Lee) realizes the latter is the man a colleague believes stole his fianceè years earlier, David Orr and Ray Jackson joining the fray, in Crest Of The Wave, 1954.
No, My Darling Daughter -- Button Face Tansy (Juliet Mills) touring London with her new American friend Cornelius (Rad Fulton), even as her father (Michael Redgrave) and the general (Roger Livesey) plot her romance with his son (Michael Craig), in No, My Darling Daughter, 1961.
No, My Darling Daughter -- You're No Dreamboat Opening scenes from the Betty E. Box production, Sir Matthew (Michael Redgrave) calling from Paris, then his daughter Tansy (Juliet Mills) with Thomas (Michael Craig), the put-upon son of his friend, in No, My Darling Daughter, 1961.
Heavens Above! - Orbiston Parva Writing, producing and directing team brother John and Roy Boulting with the delightful narrated opening about the town in which Peter Sellers will be the new vicar, from Heaven's Above, 1963.
Seven Days to Noon - Opening Delivery of the post to 10 Downing Street opens the unusual title sequence in the little-known Academy Award-winning British nuclear thriller Seven Days to Noon, 1950.
Seven Days to Noon - Superintendent Folland Superintendent Folland (Andre` Morell) and aide Davis (Russell Waters) consider what to make of a highly civilised nuclear terror threat sent to the Prime Minister in Seven Days to Noon, 1950.
Seven Days to Noon - We Daren't Gamble The Prime Minister (Ronald Adam) takes an early briefing on the theft of a nuclear bomb by one Professor Willingdon, consulting with his aide Steve Lane (Hugh Cross) in Seven Days to Noon, 1950.
Seven Days to Noon - Pretty Dodgy Superintendent Folland (Andre` Morell) arrives at a British nuclear weapons lab to inquire about the missing Professor Willingdon in Seven Days to Noon, 1950, directed by Roy and John Boulting.
Seven Days to Noon - There's Your Haystack As policeman Folland (Andre' Morell) looks out over London, fugitive nuclear scientist Professor Wallingdon (Barry Jones) makes only his second brief appearance, alone in a church, in Seven Days to Noon, 1950.