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Arthur Byron


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Prisoner Of Shark Island, The (1936) -- (Movie Clip) In The Sight Of The Holy God I Worship As Dr. Samuel Mudd, who treated John Wilkes Booth’s broken leg on the night he shot Lincoln, title character Warner Baxter is getting railroaded at trial, Douglas Wood his lawyer, Arthur Byron the prosecutor, Robert Dudley and others testifying, a grim turn in John Ford’s The Prisoner Of Shark Island, 1936.
Mummy, The (1932) -- (Movie Clip) Closed For The Night Mysterious Egyptian "Ardeth Bay" (Boris Karloff) has his hands now on his prized scroll, incanting over it the name of the long dead princess of the character he's pretending not to be, somehow reaching Anglo-Egyptian Helen (Zita Johann) at the museum party, in Universal's The Mummy, 1932.
Gabriel Over The White House (1933) -- (Movie Clip) I Fired Him! Secretary of State Brooks (Arthur Byron) and the cabinet are startled as President Hammond (Walter Huston) seems changed upon his recovery from a coma, in Gregory LaCava's Gabriel over the White House, 1933.
20,000 Years In Sing Sing -- (Movie Clip) Make It Snappy First of many genuine location shots from the prison at Ossining, NY, as cocky gangster Tommy (Spencer Tracy), with pals led by lawyer Finn (Louis Calhern) arrives to check in, opening Warner Bros.' 20,000 Years In Sing Sing, 1932, also starring Bette Davis.
Mummy, The (1932) -- (Movie Clip) He Went For A Little Walk Splendid crack-up by Bramwell Fletcher as lightweight Egyptologist Norton, in retrospect his supervisors (Arthur Byron, Edward Van Sloan) should not have left him alone, Boris Karloff in the wrapper, early in Universal's original The Mummy, 1932.
20,000 Years In Sing Sing -- (Movie Clip) Foaming At The Mouth Gangster inmate Tommy (Spencer Tracy) at work busting rocks when girlfriend Fay (Bette Davis, her first scene) arrives for a visit, saucy language as he complains about her looking too sexy, in 20,000 Years In Sing Sing, 1932.