Lewis Abernathy


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Brother Rat (1938) -- (Movie Clip) Youthful High Spirits Opening with exteriors from the real Virginia Military Institute where the story takes place, with the Stonewall Jackson statue, we meet ballplayer-cadets Wayne Morris as Billy, Eddie Albert as Bing, Ronald Reagan as catcher Dan, and “rats” William Tracey as Misto and Johnnie Davis as Townsend, in Warner Bros.’ Brother Rat, 1938.
Hollywood Hotel -- (Movie Clip) Hooray For Hollywood! Rousing opening number with the Benny Goodman band, Gene Krupa, Johnnie Davis (on trumpet) and Frances Langford (vocals) performing "Hooray for Hollywood" by Dick Whiting and Johnny Mercer, the little-known debut of the famous tune, in Hollywood Hotel, 1938.
Little Romance, A (1979) -- (Movie Clip) It's Terrible In Any Language Thwarted in their previous attempts at a second meeting, Parisian Daniel (Thelonious Bernard) and American Lauren (Diane Lane) succeed outside the Louvre, where they by accident meet elderly Englishman Julius (Laurence Olivier), in George Roy Hill’s A Little Romance, 1979.
Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Meet Pamela A famous Francois Truffaut opening, with Truffaut playing the director of the movie which is the basis for the story, Jean-Pierre Aumont and Jean-Pierre Lead his male leads, playing father and son, young Nathalie Baye and Dani on the crew, Jean Champion the producer, in Day For Night, 1973.
Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) The Way I Do With Fellini Valentina Cortese, in an Academy Award-nominated performance as tipsy French actress Severine, struggles in her first scene with director Francois Truffaut, playing movie director Ferrand, Jean-Pierre Aumont as actor Alexandre, her one-time lover, playing her husband in Day For Night, 1973.
Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Why Can't The Secretary Be Pregnant? Francois Truffaut directs himself as director Ferrand, dealing with a casting crisis with his producer (Jean Bertrand), a contribution from composer Georges Delerue, a cavalcade of tributes to Truffaut’s idols and friends, and Jacqueline Bisset arriving as Julie, the star, in Day For Night, 1973.
Dry White Season, A (1989) -- (Movie Clip) Justice And Law Johannesburg, 1976, after the Soweto riots and the police murder of his gardener and friend, teacher and former rugby star Ben du Toit (Donald Sutherland) visits famous human rights lawyer Ian MacKenzie (Marlon Brando), who at first digresses, in A Dry White Season, directed by Euzhan Palcy.
Dry White Season, A (1989) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Not Worried About These Wounds Soweto, 1976, trouble as young Jonathan (Bekhithemba Mpofu) is arrested, we meet his friend Johan (Rowen Elmes) playing rugby, parents (Donald Sutherland, Janet Suzman) watching, then Jonathan’s dad Gordon (Winston Ntshona), opening Euzhan Palcy’s A Dry White Season, 1989.
Dry White Season, A (1989) -- (Movie Clip) Away With Afrikaans! Director Euzhan Palcy’s careful recreation of a representative incident of the Soweto uprising of 1976, with characters Jonathan and Robert (Bekhithemba Mpofu, Tinashe Makoni) in a protest against the teaching of the Afrikaans language, in A Dry White Season, 1989, from a novel by Andrè Brink.
Father Of The Bride (1991) -- (Movie Clip) What's The Big Deal? The well-to-do Banks family settling in for their first dinner after Annie (Kimberly Williams) has returned home from her semester studying architecture in Rome, Steve Martin as dad George, Diane Keaton as mom Nina, Kieran Culkin the little brother, in the 1991 remake, Father Of The Bride.
Father Of The Bride (1991) -- (Movie Clip) This Blessed Event Steve Martin is the title character, with the same last name and a similar address-to-camera, though not exactly the same speech as Spencer Tracy’s in the original (1951), in the successful 1991 remake, with Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams and Martin Short, opening Father Of The Bride.
Father Of The Bride (1991) -- (Movie Clip) Seventh Door On The Left George and Nina (Steve Martin, who continues his occasional narration, and Diane Keaton), themselves successful business owners, meet their even wealthier in-laws to be (Peter Michael Goetz, Kate McGregor-Stewart) at their Bel-Air mansion, in the remake Father Of The Bride, 1991.