Dorothy Burgess

Dorothy Burgess




Cast (Feature Film)

The West Side Kid (1943)
Man of Courage (1943)
Sally Dickson
Girls in Chains (1943)
Mrs. Peters
Lady for a Night (1942)
The Lone Star Ranger (1942)
Cadet Girl (1941)
I Want a Divorce (1940)
"Peppy" Gilman
The Lady in Question (1940)
Village Tale (1935)
Lulu Stevenson
Manhattan Butterfly (1935)
Another singer
Fashions of 1934 (1934)
Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen (1934)
Orient Express (1934)
Mabel Warren
Friends of Mr. Sweeney (1934)
A Modern Hero (1934)
Hazel [Radier]
Affairs of a Gentleman (1934)
Nan Fitzgerald
Circus Clown (1934)
Babe [The lion tamer]
Black Moon (1934)
Juanita Lane
Gambling (1934)
Dorothy Kane
Hat, Coat, and Glove (1934)
Ann Brewster
Night Flight (1933)
Pellerin's girl friend
Headline Shooter (1933)
Burnett's moll
From Headquarters (1933)
Dolly White
I Love That Man (1933)
Giggles [Ethel]
Strictly Personal (1933)
It's Great to Be Alive (1933)
Al Moran
On Your Guard (1933)
Malay Nights (1933)
Eve Blake
The Important Witness (1933)
Ruth [Dana]
What Price Decency? (1933)
Easy Millions (1933)
Hold Your Man (1933)
Gypsy [Angikon]
Rusty Rides Alone (1933)
Mona Quillan
Ladies They Talk About (1933)
Ladies Must Love (1933)
Taxi! (1932)
Play Girl (1932)
Out of Singapore (1932)
Mary Carroll
The Stoker (1932)
Margarita Valdez
Lasca of the Rio Grande (1931)
Swing High (1930)
Recaptured Love (1930)
Peggy Price
In Old Arizona (1929)
Tonia MarĂ­a
Protection (1929)
Myrtle Hines
A Song of Kentucky (1929)
Nancy Morgan
Pleasure Crazed (1929)
Alma Dean

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Movie Clip

Fashions Of 1934 (1934) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Not Much Fun At A Funeral Clever opening, William Dieterle directing from a story and screenplay credited to Harry Collins, Warren Duff, Hugh Herbert and Carl Erickson, introducing William Powell who’s running a scam, Frank McHugh his sidekick, Dorothy Burgess the snarky gal-pal and Bette Davis, in a platinum wig, the unexpected inspiration, in Fashions Of 1934, 1934.
Fashions Of 1934 (1934) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Going To Love Paris! Broke investor turned fashion scam artist “Sherry” Nash (William Powell), with his team (Frank McHugh as Snap, Bette Davis as Lynn), has persuaded the New York designers he was ripping-off to send him to Paris to steal fashions, but they meet former partners Glenda and Harry (Dorothy Burgess, Gordon Westcott) at the docks, in Fashions Of 1934, 1934.
Fashions Of 1934 (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Isn't That A Hottie? Frank McHugh as Snap is sidekick to William Powell as broke investor Nash, conniving with models (Dorothy Burgess as Glenda) and new-recruit fashion artist Lynn (Bette Davis) to photograph then counterfeit the latest Paris designs, delivered by chauffeur Harry (Gordon Westcott) en route to New York couture houses, in Fashions Of 1934, 1934.
Ladies They Talk About (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Fresh Fish Like You Newly famous bank robber Nan (Barbara Stanwyck) strides into the cell block, an update from the reporter who put her away coming on the radio, as she faces down matron Noonan (Ruth Donnelly) and inmate Susie (Dorothy Burgess), in Ladies They Talk About, 1933.
Ladies They Talk About (1933) -- (Movie Clip) A Man's Running Wild! Dolled-up Barbara Stanwyck making a phone call that turns out to be a diversion, then a past-his-prime bank guard (Harry Gibbon) is supposed to resist her asking to open up early, and her gang busts in, opening Ladies They Talk About, 1933, from a play by actress and one-time San Quentin inmate Dorothy Mackaye.
Black Moon (1934) -- (Movie Clip) They're Gonna Do It! Servant "Lunch" (Clarence Muse) conducts visiting Stephen (Jack Holt) into the island jungle where his wife (Dorothy Burgess) is the star of a Columbia pre-code sacrifice shindig, in Black Moon, 1934.
Black Moon (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Change Too Much First scene, spooky modern mom Juanita (Dorothy Burgess) beating tropical drums with little Nancy (Cora Sue Collins), her husband Stephen (Jack Holt) doing some exposition with a shrink (Henry Kolker), opening Columbia's Black Moon, 1934.
Black Moon (1934) -- (Movie Clip) You Call It Voodoo Husband Stephen (Jack Holt) worrying with uncle Perez (Arnold Korff) about Juanita (Dorothy Burgess) having returned to the island where she grew up, nanny Gail (Fay Wray) raising an alarm, rife with racism, in Columbia's Black Moon, 1934.


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