Nicholas Brodszky



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Movie Clip

Latin Lovers (1952) - Tight Inside Loose Outside Brazilian Roberto (Ricardo Montalban) grabbed and kissed visiting Nora (Lana Turner) when they first met that afternoon, now measuring each other’s interest at his birthday dance, young Rita Moreno the other girl, song by Nicholas Brodszky and Leo Robin in MGM’s Latin Lovers, 1952.
Latin Lovers (1952) - Carlotta You Gotta Be Mine Business owner Nora (Lana Turner) with her unduly business-like boyfriend (John Lund) gets a proposal then some contrast from a Brazilian night club act, Tom Hernandez her dance partner, song by Nicholas Brodszky and Leo Robin, early in MGM’s Latin Lovers, 1952.
Let's Be Happy (1957) - I'm Going To Scotland Early on, Vermonter Jeannie (Vera-Ellen) has just executed the will of her late Scottish grandfather, finding a pile of cash, and performing I'm Going To Scotland, by Nicholas Brodszky and Paul Francis Webster, in Let's Be Happy, 1957.
Let's Be Happy (1957) - The Man From Idaho At what's supposed to be a posh Edinburgh hotel, American tourist Jeannie (Vera-Ellen) is swooning over Idahoan Stanley Smith (Tony Martin), even as he breaks their date, in Let's Be Happy, 1957.
Toast Of New Orleans, The (1950) - Be My Love Nicholas Brodszky and Sammy Cahn's song, as citified guest Suzette (Kathryn Grayson) is joined by bayou fisherman Pepe (Mario Lanza), her escort, opera impresario Ribodeaux (David Niven), observing, in MGM's Toast Of New Orleans. 1950.
Toast Of New Orleans, The (1950) - Boom Biddy Boom Boom Now arrived in the title-town, a sillier-still song from Nicholas Brodszky and Sammy Cahn, Pepe (Mario) Lanza with his uncle (J. Carrol Naish), potential promoter (David Niven) and love interest (Kathryn Grayson) in his wake, in The Toast Of New Orleans, 1950.
Ten Thousand Bedrooms - You I Love Magnate Ray (Dean Martin) with swooning Italian Maria (Eva Bartok) in his private jet, for Nicholas Brodzsky and Sammy Cahn's You I Love, in Dean's first post-Martin & Lewis feature, Ten Thousand Bedrooms, 1957.
Ten Thousand Bedrooms - Only Trust Your Heart Complex set-up, American hotelier Ray (Dean Martin) with Italian host Martelli (Walter Slezak) and daughter Maria (Eva Bartok), for Nicholas Brodzsky and Sammy Cahn's Only Trust Your Heart, in Ten Thousand Bedrooms, 1957.