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Night School (1981) -- (Movie Clip) I Came In The Back Way Prurient or suspenseful, Rachel Ward as Boston “exchange student” Eleanor arrives home and showers after being stalked by a busboy, who looks a likely murder suspect, as does Drew Snyder, who plays professor Vince whom, we discover, is also her lover, in Night School, 1981.
Night School (1981) -- (Movie Clip) Man's Primitive Past Egghead Boston cop Austin (Leonard Mann) has intruded on the photo-lecture about primitive tribes by women’s college professor Millett (Drew Snyder), asking about his student, the murder victim, meeting top-billed Rachel Ward (as “Miss Ajai” sp?) and Elizabeth Barnitz as Kim, in Night School, 1981.
Daddy Long Legs (1955) -- (Movie Clip) Sluefoot With much contrivance involving college kids and his posing as her roommate’s uncle, Fred Astaire as tycoon Jervis joins Leslie Caron as student (from France) Julie, Ray Anthony’s band plays a Johnny Mercer tune, dance staged by Astaire and David Robel, in Daddy Long Legs, 1955.
Annie Hall (1977) -- (Movie Clip) My Sexual Problem Late for the Bergman film, Alvy (Woody Allen) and Annie (Diane Keaton) move on to the New Yorker theater, where media theorist Marshall McLuhan makes a now legendary appearance, in Annie Hall, 1977.
Too Late Blues (1961) -- (Movie Clip) Can I Have My Sax Back? Bobby Darin looks comfortable on piano, the director’s pal Seymour Cassel on bass, with Cliff Carnell mimicking alto, benefitting from a recording by Benny Carter, tune by David Raksin, opening John Cassavetes’ first Hollywood feature, which he also co-wrote, Too Late Blues, 1961.
Free Radicals (2010) -- (Movie Clip) It Was The Sixties The opening to Pip Chodorov's documentary, appearances by his dad Stephan, Ken Jacobs, Hans Richter, Stan Brakhage and Robert Breer, among others, from Free Radicals: A History Of Experimental Film, 2010.
Free Radicals (2010) -- (Movie Clip) Amateur Night Commentary and clips from filmmakers Jonas Mekas, Robert Breer and Ken Jacobs, and artist Michael Snow, in this section of Pip Chodorov's documentary Free Radicals: A History Of Experimental Film, 2010.
Free Radicals (2010) -- (Movie Clip) Stan Brakhage From documentarian Pip Chodorov's Free Radicals: A History Of Experimental Film, 2010, part of one of the last interviews with the highly-regarded film-maker Stan Brakhage.
Blast of Silence -- (Movie Clip) Big Ralph Ever-disgusted hit man Frankie Bono (Director and star Allen Barron) visits ever-disgusting gun dealer Big Ralph (Larry Tucker) for the first time in Blast of Silence, 1961.