George Zuckerman


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99 River Street (1953) - -- Nothing But Television Ex-fighter New York cabbie Eddie (John Payne) with buddy Stan (Frank Faylen) discussing marriage, when actress pal Linda (Evelyn Keyes) arrives, early in Phil Karlson's 99 River Street, 1953.
99 River Street (1953) - I Could Have Been The Champion Ex-fighter Ernie Driscoll (John Payne) watching himself on TV, then with ex-showgirl wife Pauline (Peggie Castle), opening director Phil Karlson's 99 River Street, 1953.
99 River Street (1953) - -- Police Dogs Are Dangerous Thief Victor (Brad Dexter), boyfriend of married Pauline (Peggie Castle) showing off, thwarted by Mickey (Jack Lambert) and Christopher (Jay Adler) in their bogus pet store, in Phil Karlson's 99 River Street, 1953.
Written On The Wind (1957) - Not Duties, Pleasures Right-hand man Mitch (Rock Hudson) has persuaded Lucy (Lauren Bacall), secretary in a Manhattan ad agency, to meet his playboy Texas oil-family scion and virtual-brother Kyle (Robert Stack) at "21," early in Douglas Sirk's Written On The Wind, 1957.
Written On The Wind (1957) - Welcome To Hadley First appearance of oil tycoon Hadley (Robert Keith), atop his tower in the town named after him, with protege Mitch (Rock Hudson), joined soon by his sobered-up son Kyle (Robert Stack), introducing his new wife Lucy (Lauren Bacall), in Douglas Sirk's Written On The Wind, 1957.
Written On The Wind (1957) - Thank You, Sir Galahad First appearance of trampy oil heiress Marylee (Dorothy Malone), with grabby Roy (John Larch) and barkeeper Dan (Robert J. Wilke), who has called her newly-wedded and sober brother Kyle (Robert Stack) and his wing man Mitch (Rock Hudson), in Douglas Sirk's Written On The Wind, 1957.
Written On The Wind (1957) - Open, November 1956 Dramatic and fancy opening from director Douglas Sirk, Robert Stack as "Kyle" and Lauren Bacall as wife "Lucy" featured, from Written On The Wind, 1957, also starring Rock Hudson and Dorothy Malone.
Written On The Wind (1957) - You're My Girl As Douglas Sirk-ian as scenes get, Texas oil heiress Marylee (Dorothy Malone) remembering brother Kyle and friend Mitch, who grew up to be Rock Hudson, himself love-lorn, and her target behind the scenes at a family party, in Written On The Wind, 1957.
Tarnished Angels, The (1957) - Open, Who's Your Old Man? Director Douglas Sirk’s opening, introducing stars Rock Hudson, Robert Stack, Jack Carson and Dorothy Malone, whose form-fitting wardrobe will be a running theme, in his film from William Faulkner’s lesser-known novel about Depression-era barnstorming, The Tarnished Angels, 1957.
Tarnished Angels, The (1957) - Making Time With A Bearded Lady Smitten reporter Burke (Rock Hudson) with Laverne (Dorothy Malone), sexpot wife of barnstorming pilot Roger (Robert Stack), who has a nasty idea on how she can help him get a new plane, Jack Carson the disgusted sidekick, in Douglas Sirk’s The Tarnished Angels, 1957, from a William Faulkner novel.
Tarnished Angels, The (1957) - Lost Farms And Faded Loves Rock Hudson as New Orleans newsman Burke returns to his apartment where he’s putting up new friends, only Laverne (Dorothy Malone) still up, as her barnstormer husband Roger (Robert Stack), mechanic Jiggs (Jack Carson) and her son snooze, in Douglas Sirk’s The Tarnished Angels, 1957.