Tracy Keenan Wynn


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Movie Clip

Drowning Pool, The (1975) - Your Wife's Amorous Activities L-A P-I Harper (Paul Newman) visiting his client and one-time lover Iris (Joanne Woodward, of course Mrs. Newman) who summoned him to her Louisiana manor home, where she explains her problem, early in The Drowning Pool, 1975, from the Ross MacDonald novel.
Drowning Pool, The (1975) - Are You Slant Drilling Me? Out-of-town detective Harper (Paul Newman) has been invited at gunpoint to meet Louisiana oil-man J-Hugh Kilbourne (Murray Hamilton), who seems to know all about the case at hand, in The Drowning Pool, 1975, Stuart Rosenberg directing from the Ross MacDonald novel.
Drowning Pool, The (1975) - The Door Was Unlocked Paul Newman as the title character, an L-A detective based on Ross MacDonald's Lew Archer, having learned that the client who flew him to New Orleans was an ex-lover, heads for his motel across Lake Ponchartrain, meeting teenage Schuyler (Melanie Griffith), and cop Richard Jaeckel, early in The Drowning Pool, 1975.
Deep, The - Open, Bermuda Director Peter Yates' creditable opening sequence is famous only for its display of Jacqueline Bisset's scuba-diving anatomy, which goes on for some time, with Nick Nolte, in The Deep, 1977, from a Peter Benchley novel.
Deep, The - Beginner's Luck Tourists David (Nick Nolte) and Gail (Jacqueline Bisset) visit Bermuda treasure guru Trace (Robert Shaw, held over from the previous Peter Benchley novel-based hit Jaws) in The Deep, 1977.
Deep, The - Be Off The Island Kidnapped tourists Gail (Jacqueline Bisset) and David (Nick Nolte) get searched by Bermuda crime boss Cloche (Louis Gossett Jr.) and thugs in a gratuitous 70's style scene of sexual villainy, in Peter Yates' The Deep, 1977.